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Excellence in Local Government


Addressing the importance of  innovation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity measures.

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Excellence in Local Government

boxxe is thrilled to have been part of Oscar Krane's Excellence in Local Government, which serves as a pivotal platform for leaders in the public sector to collectively address the importance of innovation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity measures essential for modernising public services and ensuring efficient governance in the digital age.

As a leading provider of Hardware, Software and Managed IT Services boxxe works in partnership with Bitdefender to support the public sector with  improving efficiencies, streamline processes and enhances public services for a more connect and responsive administration.

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boxxe and Bitdefender are here to help. We're dedicated to supporting government customers in addressing pressing challenges. Our innovative solutions are tailored to alleviate these pressures and enhance efficiency within government operations. Our aim is to reduce costs, enhance security, and provide the tools necessary to improve service delivery. Together, we can drive positive change and make a meaningful impact on the public sector.


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boxxe and Bitdefender offer an unparalleled level of security software tailored for the public sector. Through seamless collaboration, boxxe provides comprehensive IT infrastructure services, while Bitdefender delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. This partnership ensures our customers receive robust protection and optimised performance for their digital environments.