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Supercharge your AVD DaaS Deployment with ControlUp & Nerdio 

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Supercharge your AVD DaaS Deployment with ControlUp & Nerdio 

In the post-pandemic era, as businesses settle down, hybrid work has gained momentum. With the increased adoption of the hybrid working model, maximising user productivity and dealing with cybersecurity threats has become a priority for leaders across enterprises.

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We’re pleased to invite you to an exclusive webinar "Supercharge your AVD DaaS Deployment with ControlUp & Nerdio" on Tuesday, 16th July at 11am, hosted by boxxe's CTO, Tim Hall.

Many organisations are choosing to adopt Microsoft’s Azure virtual desktop to address the new modern workspace challenges. AVD offers advanced ROI as separate VDI licences are not required, as the platform is accessible via any existing M365 E3/E5/A3/A5/F1 licenses or Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5/A3/A5/ VDA per user. Allowing enterprises to access the scale, security and multi-session benefits of AVD with low up-front costs.

However, enterprise businesses face challenges in migration, deployment and optimisation of AVD, as it requires enhanced design, planning and implementation. 

With Nerdio’s industry-leading AVD management and optimization solution and ControlUp’s digital employee experience management (DEX) platform customers get two best-of-breed solutions that make the life of their DaaS admins easier. The integration between our platforms will save you time while ensuring that your end-users have the best possible experience, without any disruptions.


Meet the Speakers


Simon Townsend
Global Field CTO, ControlUp

Simon is a prominent end user computing technology evangelist and thought leader. With more than 20 years of experience in the end-user computing market, Simon has helped manage marketing, product marketing, product management and global systems engineering for several enterprise software companies.

Gavin Connolly
Field CTO, Nerdio

Gavin joined Nerdio in 2023 and is enjoying working with large enterprise customers on their cloud transformation journeys. Prior to Nerdio, Gavin was an Account Technology Strategist at Cloud Software Group (Citrix). Gavin worked at Citrix for over 6 years and helped to architect and advise on some of the largest and most complex EUC deployments in the world. 


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boxxe and NetClean are here to help. We understand the complexities and challenges faced by corporate organisations in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Our mission is to empower businesses like yours with cutting-edge tech and flexible solutions that simplify processes, drive efficiency, and address your most pressing concerns.


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boxxe, ControlUp, and Nerdio bring a groundbreaking synergy to the realm of digital employee experience and Azure Virtual Desktop management. This collaboration offers unparalleled capabilities in optimising employee productivity and ensuring seamless virtual desktop operations.

ControlUp's advanced digital employee experience solutions, now integrated with boxxe's Managed IT Services, enable organisations to monitor and enhance performance across their digital workspace environments. This ensures a proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues, ultimately boosting productivity and user satisfaction.

Nerdio's expertise in Azure Virtual Desktop management complements this by providing robust, scalable solutions for virtual desktop infrastructure. By integrating Nerdio’s platform, organisations can simplify deployment, management, and optimisation of Azure Virtual Desktops, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Together, with ControlUp’s insights and Nerdio’s cloud expertise, boxxe delivers a comprehensive solution that empowers organisations to enhance their digital workspaces. Customers can trust that their virtual environments are optimised for performance, security, and scalability, providing a superior experience for their employees and a robust foundation for future growth.