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What we do


We're a leading provider of hardware, software and managed IT services.  Through our deep expertise, practical know-how and collaborative approach, we implement flexible tech solutions to accelerate business growth.

Our tech solutions enable teams to increase productivity and reduce downtime

We put our people, our customers, our partners and the environment at the heart of everything we do and our people are the difference that makes the difference.  Tech is always advancing and together we have the agility to move with it and to deploy the right solutions to drive growth.  We understand, we collaborate, we simplify, we care and we deliver.  We make tech human.

Providing tech solutions for 35 years
Award winning top VAR
Over 100 unique services sold
Over 3 million pieces of software sold
1,200 servers, 6,000 notebooks, 75,000 cables sold
Over 29,000 devices under management
Over 2,700 community hours delivered in 2023
Built on excellence in supplying the most secure organisations in the UK

Easy, personalised shopping experiences, and tailored solutions

We have thousands of hardware products to meet all businesses needs, a huge range of accessories from keyboards and mice to cables, plus a range of innovative service and solutions to transform your business.

Find everything you need for IT and business enterprise


Our experts are on hand to help via our strategic solutions

Find out how our solutions empower your commercial objectives and transform your organisation, supporting business growth while enabling your teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Keep your data and people safe

We’ve built our reputation on the provision of world leading IT security services for the past 30 years and security is at the heart of every digital transformation strategy.


Security Solution Deployment

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files with our deep understanding of cybersecurity in all aspects of solution deployment and the whole development lifecycle

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Flexible services for keeping any on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures safe against cyber attacks.

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We analyse, plan, design and deploy to match your business' IT strategy

Whether it's physical, virtualised, cloud or hybrid server infrastructure, our IT consultants can deliver a successful project plan.


Hardware Cover

Get replacement parts for your critical infrastructure – anywhere in the UK – in as little as 2 hours

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Hybrid Cloud

Delivering and managing complex hybrid cloud infrastructures

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See what you could achieve with the right digital tools

We match business challenges with the digital tools to solve them. From automation development services, to implementation services and support, our experts can help with any digital technology.

Digital Services

Step ahead of the competition, reduce costs, increase productivity, improve engagement.

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Enterprise success with cloud solutions

From improved business and IT agility to cost reductions, cloud solutions extend technology capabilities for enterprise success.

Hybrid Cloud

Delivering and managing complex hybrid cloud infrastructures


Explore our services and solutions

For us, tech has never been just hardware and software.  Sure, they’re our tools, but at boxxe, our focus is more about you.  We strive to make life better with tech. Here’s how we can make it happen for you and your organisation.

  • We understand your world, because we share your passion
  • We collaborate with you every step of the way
  • We simplify every challenge, even when they feel impossible to overcome

  • We have the expertise and experience to create real solutions that will push your organisation forward

  • We care about our people, our partners and our planet. Choosing to work with boxxe is choosing a sustainable and proactive way to progress

Hybrid Cloud

Our services and consultancy helps your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions


boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are

Software Licensing & Services

Our extensive knowledge of licensing and software means we can help any business, big or small

Hardware Services

We believe that the management and services for hardware are key to any business. We have the expertise to support and ensure your busin...


Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions

Don't just take our word for it ...

See what our clients are saying about our award-winning services and solutions, and how we deliver value, structure and clarity to their businesses.

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike

"This go-live is a critical step in delivering business technology that is more user-centic and allows the Home Office to continually evolve."

Jill Hatcher , Chief People Officer, The Home Office

"Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas.  It’s paved the way to Thirteen Group being Microsoft-first in our future developments."

Jayne Allport , Head of Service, Systems & Application Improvement, Thirteen Group

"We have been a customer of boxxe's for over 4 years.  We initially started our engagement with boxxe when our Microsoft ESA was up for renewal.  After winning a close tender competition, boxxe has been an invaluable partner ever since."  

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

"Automation helps to ease pressure.  Not only has this project helped free up valuable time, but now we can also explore other ways of using technology in healthcare.  We want to thank the whole team involved in bringing together the knowledge and ideas to support this project."

Spokesperson , Northampton General Hospital

“We have worked with boxxe since I joined ETL Systems back in 2015.  I would certainly recommend them for your IT, comms and software needs. We will continue working with boxxe for future investments and projects based on their professionalism and the outstanding service we receive.”

Kevin Baldwin , IT System Administrator, ETL Systems Ltd

“We’re very pleased with boxxe’s mobile device management service.  To date, the system has fulfilled all of our expectations, and boxxe has proved to be a responsive and supportive service provider.  They are quick to adapt to new requirements and boxxe has delivered all projects on time and within all agreed performance parameters.”

Graham Wells , Cloud Service Manager, Defra

The service from boxxe has been fantastic.  It has relieved some pressure from the Support Teams who no longer need to worry about upgrading the system or troubleshooting problems, freeing them up to focus on more critical systems.”

Jonathan Murch , Technical Lead, The Met Office

Community and sustainability run through our veins

Driven by our values of understanding, inclusion, and sustainability, the boxxe Community is committed to innovation, equal opportunity and, above all, the mission to provide sustainable solutions that are good for both the individual, the community and the planet.

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boxxe - 35 years committed to excellence in serving our customersboxxe - 35 years committed to excellence in serving our customers