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The free flow of conversation and ideas

Teams, Slack, Zoom, GoTo, Vonage and integrated platforms like Microsoft 365 help to maintain a healthy forum for discussion, development of ideas, and collaboration on projects with colleagues and customers alike.

Not only do boxxe solutions give you a fully-integrated team-working platform for better in-house collabs, we give you the tech to make sure every customer-facing opportunity is optimised too.

After all, connecting with your customers is a vital part of delivering on complex projects.


"For those in roles where hybrid working arrangements would be possible, 44% are working in a hybrid model (combining office and remote working), 30% are in the office full-time, and 22% are fully remote.

Source:  Beyond, 2024, IFA Magazine - Two in five UK employees mulling job change in 2024 amid huge demand for hybrid roles

Teamwork, wherever your team works

Your business must adapt to the flexible structure of the today's workplace. With boxxe’s MS Teams Services, we can help you enhance communication between colleagues, maximising MS Teams to create a hub for amazing teamwork.

Not only do boxxe solutions provide a fully-integrated team-working platform for internal  purposes, we’re specialists in making sure every customer interaction is optimised too.

Unified Communications as a Service(UCAAS)

People like to chat and interact with businesses in different ways, so it pays off to have integrated contact options to accommodate all customer preferences.

Our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering opens up a variety of channels for your customers. That way they get to choose how they interact with your service agents, providing a more engaging customer experience.

We all rely on our smartphones for pretty much everything these days, so it makes sense that your customers want to use their smartphones to do business too. Whether it's making calls, sending text messages, using instant messaging apps or managing multiple email accounts, our phones keep us in touch with the world.

But here's the thing: with so many different platforms and potentially multiple accounts on each, it's easy for all this communication to get scattered.

UCaaS saves the day by integrating all these communication channels through a cloud-based model. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with other cloud-based software applications, making communication smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.

The Modern Workplace Is A Community of Excellence

When you have the trust and connection to clearly collaborate with the right partner in whatever situation, you become a whole lot more reliable. When you’re reliable, you build trust, and when you build trust your customers know they can align themselves with your business to help theirs scale as it evolves.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to level up and keep you ahead of the game. That means we're constantly exploring the latest in tech, bringing on board specialised solutions from our awesome supplier partners, and teaming up with expert allies to strengthen our lineup.

Behind our industry-leading digital transformation solutions is a network of innovative technology partners.

    -  Microsoft
    -  Vonage
    -  Dell Technologies
    -  Citrix
    -  Druva
    -  Mimecast, and many more.

boxxe tips on seamless communications

Seamless interaction for your teams

Hassle-free communication and collaboration tools such as GoTo, Vonage, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom allow seamless interaction for everyone in your team, regardless of their physical location, enabling real-time messaging, video calling, file sharing, and project collaboration.

New opportunities to collaborate

Hosting virtual brainstorming workshops using collaboration tools and techniques such as virtual whiteboards, online mind-mapping tools, and video conferencing.

These sessions bring together cross-functional teams to generate and refine ideas, solve problems, and explore new opportunities collaboratively.

Case Study

ETL Systems Ltd

 Transforming Clack's working practices by deploying M365 across the organisation Transforming Clack's working practices by deploying M365 across the organisation


Before engaging with boxxe, ETL Systems were running Exchange on a server which they hosted on-premise.

The server operating system (OS) was due to reach the end of its support and that infrastructure was making collaboration challenging for staff. Having one office using cloud infrastructure for their emails, and another using an on-premise server made crucial collaboration activities like calendar-sharing impossible. It also meant that the two offices couldn't share access to applications like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner to collaborate and communicate more effciently.

“We have worked with boxxe since I joined ETL Systems back in 2015.  I would certainly recommend them for your IT, comms and software needs. We will continue working with boxxe for future investments and projects based on their professionalism and the outstanding service we receive.”

Kevin Baldwin , IT System Administrator, ETL Systems Ltd


We approached ETL Systems with a solution that matched their needs, timescales and budget by proposing that they migrate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. This would enable the different offices to collaborate without any loss of functionality.

We ensured that each senior stakeholder understood our solution and step by step, the work we would be doing. This meant that ETL systems could create an end-user scheduling framework and communications plan for their workforce, giving them time to prepare.


Our boxxe Modern Workplace Architect completed the Exchange Hybrid migration and installed an Exchange 2016 server for user management. A further tenancy to tenancy migration was performed to merge the Atlantic Microwave Office 365 workloads with ETL System's Microsoft 365 tenancy. This work was done out of office hours to minimise disruption.

Once the project finished, we kept a boxxe Consultant on-hand to resolve any technical mailbox migration issues and complete a thorough post-migration validation. As part of this, our consultant completed any enhanced configuration and remediation activities that ETL systems required to support their Microsoft 365 deployment strategy.

boxxe's MoD-certified Microsoft specialists successfully deployed the M365 Suiteboxxe's MoD-certified Microsoft specialists successfully deployed the M365 Suite