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A safer workplace, wherever you want it

Whether you work in the office, at home, or on-the-go, you and your team can secure your entire operation’s sensitive data. Simplify and strengthen your security strategy to reduce costly downtime with proactive monitoring and rapid response to cyber threats.

boxxe provides clear advice on the optimal products, processes and protocols to create safer and better-informed conditions for working, wherever you need to be.


"More than 2 in 5 (44%) IT and Security professionals feel most threatened by external malicious actors, more than half (56%) worry about internal threats such as employee negligence (28%) and accidental data slippage (28%).

Source:  Envoy, The Workplace Security Report

The threat from within

Cyber attacks from within your organisation can be inadvertent or intentional, but as the uptake of remote working and partner ecosystems continue to grow, so too does the threat to running a secure and successful business. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to wait for a cybersecurity breach before you sure up the security stance of your operation.

At boxxe, we’re specialists in all aspects of cybersecurity having successfully protected some of the most targeted organisations in the UK - including Government, NHS and Defence. Our approach is the same with all of our customers, giving you a tried and trusted digital and physical solution to keep your business protected around the clock.

Managed Threat Detection and Response

With MTDR, organisations can outsource threat detection and response to our dedicated security experts. By doing so, you can benefit from 24/7 protection, rapid incident response, and access to the latest threat intelligence.

By partnering with boxxe, businesses can enhance their security readiness, minimise the risk of cyberattacks, and become proactive against emerging threats. This collaboration enables organisations to focus on their core operations while entrusting their cybersecurity to a reliable and experienced team.

Secure Content Delivery Service

Thanks to advances in cloud-based storage and network security, different teams no longer have to go to different sources to maintain their area of your business ecosystem. This freedom allows them instead to focus on fast, iterative software delivery and innovation.

Secure Content Delivery from boxxe is a trusted, high-availability content delivery system that enables you to access external content for all systems from a single source – saving you considerable time and resources.

boxxe - Specialists in all aspects of cybersecurityboxxe - Specialists in all aspects of cybersecurity

Your People Are Your First Line of Defence

You might think that strengthening your data protection and compliance policies will keep you safe enough as you transition to modern workplace practices, but the first line of defence against security threats is your people.

boxxe's workplace solutions provide your people with the training and awareness to make cybersecurity best practices second nature. In no time they’ll be recognising phishing emails, using strong passwords, and securely handling sensitive information.

boxxe tips for a worry-free workplace

Keep systems up to date

Keep both your software and hardware systems up to date and manage any patching in as brief a window as possible to keep the opportunities for cyber attacks to a minimum.

Monitor your network

Make monitoring your network something you take seriously as suspicious activity can often be the precursor to a cyber attack. Firewalls and layered protection systems can mean the difference between prevention and recovery.

Protect sensitive data

Multi Factor Authentication is great for keeping unwanted attackers out of sensitive data spaces, and limiting user access to those who really need it can wipe out unprotected information leaks from inside your organisation.

Case Study

The Ministry of Defence

boxxe - Advising on the encryption solution for the laptopsboxxe - Advising on the encryption solution for the laptops


The MOD needed twelve encryption solutions for submarines that were being upgraded. The encryption assignment was commissioned by the MOD Abbey Wood, Bristol – home to the Tomahawk Land Missile Attack Project.

A preferred encryption solution for the laptops, based on submarines at HMNB Clyde, Faslane, and HMNB Devonport, Portsmouth, had already been chosen and boxxe’s advice was sought as to whether this was suitable for the project in question.

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike


The solution chosen was Stonewood Flagstone Enhanced. One of boxxe’s security consultants discussed the feasibility of this project at length with the client and confirmed that it was realistic to achieve what was required for those devices and the data they access and store.


Because they were in use, the submarines requiring the installations were only available at specific times and places. To accommodate this, we put forward a series of dates when a consultant could visit each naval base to complete the work within the agreed time.

The first installation of Flagstone Enhanced, was onto laptops for a submarine at HMNB. The consultant also visited the training facility to ensure that everything was in place to facilitate an installation.

A second installation of Flagstone Enhanced onto four laptops for one UK submarine and the training facility at HMNB Clyde was completed shortly afterwards. Finally, another eight laptops were successfully installed on three submarines at HMNB Devonport.

Stonewood Flagstone Enhanced - The solution chosen by boxxe to meet the MOD's requirementsStonewood Flagstone Enhanced - The solution chosen by boxxe to meet the MOD's requirements