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Work with more wow-factor

By encouraging new ideas and exploring inventive new working practices, you can elevate your business to stand out from the competition. Smart tech can unburden your workforce, inspiring new product development and growing both new and existing revenue streams.

This is a time for anyone to come forward with their ideas and make them count.


"Over half (55%) of UK leaders say they're concerned about lack of innovation.

Source:  Microsoft, Will AI Fix Work?, 2023 Work Trend Index: Annual Report

Innovation on every business agenda

With the right tech, supplied and supported by boxxe, you and your team can harness the best tech to inform new product development and grow new and existing revenue streams.

The workplace solutions we design have a built-in compatibility that allows the integration of new applications but, in order to cultivate innovation, you need the technologies you invest in to be innovation friendly.

With intelligent tech to facilitate this sort of creativity, innovation can be a part of the business agenda that everyone can feed into.

We enable the potential of our customers in practical, measurable ways. With our Microsoft Copilot Workshops, we prime your business, so you can be poised and ready for the innovation and exploration that goes hand in hand with embracing the modern workplace.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot can be used by every employee in day-to-day ways to elevate productivity, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. Better still, your team can even build task-specific Copilots tailored to the needs of your employees and customers.

boxxe advises on how Microsoft Copilot can complement what you do. We boost the impact of your employees by suggesting ways they can strengthen their own abilities and the tech itself as they feedback, engage with, and benefit from it to make better use of their time.

From understanding and processing language to automating or streamlining effort-intensive tasks, Microsoft Copilot can be employed to help in an array of applications, however complex, and will boost productivity and innovation exponentially.

Revolutionise your workplace with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

boxxe - Helping you revolutionise your workplace with Microsoft Copilotboxxe - Helping you revolutionise your workplace with Microsoft Copilot

boxxe tips on creating the conditions for change

Tech-based solutions

With boxxe on your team, you have access to tech-based solutions that can transform user interaction with new use cases. Maximise your service offering by exploring unique use cases that can be applied business wide.

Measurable value

In the modern workplace, opportunities for commercially valuable innovations exist  everywhere. Create the cultural conditions for invention by encouraging people to identify inefficiencies wherever they see them and discover the solutions that demonstrate measurable value.

Training and development

Providing training and development programs on skills such as design thinking, agile practices, and creative problem-solving equips employees with the mindset, tools, and techniques needed to generate, validate, and implement inventive ideas.

Case Study



Four years ago, Thirteen began its cloud journey by moving to Microsoft 365 using Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams for closer collaboration, and the large-scale storage of business-critical data.

However, Thirteen relied on Microsoft’s out-of-the-box recycling, in which deleted files are only held for 90 days by default. This put the organisation at risk for irrecoverable data loss.

"Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas.  It’s paved the way to Thirteen Group being Microsoft-first in our future developments."

Jayne Allport , Head of Service, Systems & Application Improvement, Thirteen Group


With our understanding of Thirteen's challenges and the solutions available in the marketplace, partnering with Druva to deliver this solution was the immediate choice.

Druva is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which was key for the team because it enabled them to achieve complete separation between Microsoft 365 data on Microsoft Azure and its backups.


Druva provides the Thirteen team peace of mind, protecting backups against infection, as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and role-based access controls (RBAC) isolate and control data access to guard against infection and encryption.

With Druva, the team know exactly how the company will recover affected Microsoft 365 data when, not if, a ransomware attack happens.