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Microsoft User Enablement


Empower remote work with Microsoft

Empower remote work with Microsoft

Unlock the power of Microsoft 365. Empower seamless collaboration, communication and project momentum, regardless of location.

Using technology to drive growth

In today’s world, work happens everywhere.

With boxxe’s Microsoft User Enablement service, you’re not just adapting, you’re thriving. We understand the importance of ensuring your team can effectively use technology to drive growth, especially from home.

By connecting you with dedicated Virtual Adoption Consultants and the world’s top Microsoft learning portal, we enable your people to harness the full potential of Microsoft 365.

We guide, educate, and monitor, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve. 

Making Microsoft 365 human

Connect with expert assistance and advice via the world's leading Microsoft learning portal, discover, learn, implement, and monitor success in your Microsoft 365 journey.

Engage with Experts_

Dive deep with your dedicated Virtual Adoption Consultant. They’ll understand your needs, lay out learning paths, and create a powerful.

Instant Enablement_

Access the world’s leading Microsoft learning portal. Get hands-on with ready-made Microsoft Teams skills paths, custom guides, and even virtual face-to-face training sessions. Discover, learn, and implement in a flash.

Track & Triumph_

Our platform isn’t just about learning; it’s about measurable success. Monitor user engagement, track training progress, and measure outcomes. Feel confident in every step of your Microsoft 365 adoption journey.

Unlock the power of Microsoft 365

Empower remote work with Microsoft User Enablement

Discover, learn, implement in a flash, and monitor your success in your Microsoft 365 journey. Call us on the number below or fill in the form and we will be in touch to get you started.

0330 236 9429

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Fantastic and flexible technology partner

"boxxe was fantastic at getting this request completed.  They designed and implemented the virtual desktops in good time, meaning we were able to fulfil the sales orders at this critical time.  boxxe has proven themselves to be a knowledgeable and flexible technology partner.”

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