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Office Automation


Offload tasks in every department to boost productivity and improve your bottom line

Getting started with office automation

We know that taking on any new technology is a daunting task, but at boxxe we like to make things easy for you.

Free online guides

Take a look at our free online guides, infographics and strategies to help you get started with office automation.

Automation strategy guides

Need help with your automation strategy but more of a 'do-it-yourself' type?  We’ve got you covered.  

See our free automation strategy guides to get you started.

Exploring automation

Already know your Power Automates from your Automation Anywhere's?  Dive a little deeper into office automation with these insights.

Wellbeing technology

In the UK, 2021's ‘always-on’ culture of high-productivity is masking how close many of us are to burnout. 

How do we support employee wellbeing and help people maintain a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing performance?  We think automation is the answer.

Data Automation | Insight

Why 2022 is the year we spend less time crunching numbers, and more time telling stories. Data automation is the answer to reduce costs and start winning back time for the work you actually enjoy!

Fantastic web resources

We find office automation an exciting subject, and we're clearly not alone:

People google the phrase ‘office automation technologies’
1400% more often today
than 5 years ago.

Here are some of our favourite office automation reads across the web:

Now & Next:  State of RPA

See why top performers achieve
8.5x ROI on their automation programmes

Automation Anywhere

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RPA - Explained in 5 mins

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Automation magic in realtime

Not sure how it could work for you, or just need some inspiration? 
We’ve got you!  Take a look at the stories below, all about how automation is transforming different sectors:

Fast pandemic response with Robotic Process Automation for the NHS

Starting with one small process, NHS Northampton General Hospital is transforming patient outcomes with Robotic Process Automation.

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Robotic Process Automation in financial services

RPA is levelling the playing field between young digital innovators (like Monzo) and traditional UK banks.

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Winning back time for CX in the Private Sector with RPA

Get creative with office automation and Microsoft SharePoint, like the Thirteen Group who won back 250 days of working time annually.

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Interested?  Here's what to do next

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Our Digital Workshop is built to help you make changes and take action. We get leaders in a distraction-free space to plan new innovation projects.

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Find out more about the many benefits of office automation

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