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Software Asset Management (SAM)

boxxe works with some of the UK's most complicated environments to reduce complexity of software estates and reduce costs.  Protect your software assets with our digital SAM transformation

Protect your software assets

Software Asset Management (SAM) - Your secret weapon for delivering a better service


Managing the infrastructure and processes that underpin software deployment in any organisation is a hugely complex task.  Any information you need from your software assets must be trustworthy, easily available and actionable to ensure your organisation remains protected and costs are well managed.

Effective SAM services enable timely, fact-based decision making.  It’s the secret weapon that lets you deliver a better service to your customers, drive competitive advantage, and mitigate risk in your organisation.

Avoid unwanted costs and increase profitability

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For many organisations, software asset management is on the to-do list, but it rarely gets the time or attention it requires, until it’s too late.  Whether you’re doing a hostile vendor audit, major organisational change, or addressing a timely licence renewal requirement – gaining sufficient insight into your data to facilitate business decision making is often more painful than it should be.  It leads to risks and costs that are routinely accepted, but really shouldn’t be.

The good news is that with well-thought-out collaboration and support from seasoned SAM experts, you can give your organisation the best opportunities for success.  boxxe can support your SAM needs, whether you’re just starting out or have already begun implementing it.  Together, we can achieve effective SAM that supports your organisational objectives and aligns with your business plan – whether that’s service improvements, increased profitability or something entirely different.

Our approach

Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees.  It's often incredibly challenging to deliver a SAM project – even for the most successful organisations.  You know your organisation best, but a fresh pair of expert eyes and a solution-led approach can add invaluable insight to the project.

We understand that SAM projects, like any other project, are subject to the changing priorities within the business.  So, we take an agile approach to help you deliver improvements which benefit and complement your organisation’s strategy rather than conflicting or hindering it.

You’ll also benefit from our commitment to continually focus on your SAM requirements, freeing you to focus on other business needs.

Our process

Asset Management

Our SAM Consultants determine your current position, highlight risks, and identify recommendations.

Strategy Review

We review your current business strategy to ensure SAM fundamentals are addressed for successful implementation.

Process Review

Our SAM consultants review your existing lifecycle process and redesign where needed, to drive effective business operation and continual improvement.

Architecture Review

We review your architecture to enable decision-making with practical tools and user-friendly information sharing.

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