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Technology Products & Associated Services  |  RM6068

This Framework supports Further Competitions for a wide scope of technology products.

| Framework Authority

CCS, the Crown Commercial Service, is sponsored by the Cabinet Office and provide procurement advice and services to the Public Sector to ensure fair competition and best pricing for customers.  They have provided Information Technology Frameworks for over 15 years and have become one of the largest technology Framework Providers to the Public Sector.

| Scope of the Framework

The Technology Products and Associated Services (TePAS) Framework is the latest iteration of CCS’s largest technology products Frameworks, replacing Technology Products 2 (RM3733) which expired 19 March 2022.  boxxe will have a space on TePAS up until it expires in December 2023.  

The Framework supports Further Competitions for a wide scope of technology products.  boxxe has proven expertise and successes in providing Customers with transformative technology solutions, and therefore has been granted a place on all Lots of the Framework and will have access to all Further Competition. This is split into the following Lot structures:

     * but are not limited to

| Who can use the Framework?


The entire Public Sector has access to boxxe through this Framework. 

The UK public sector and their associated bodies and agencies, including the voluntary sector and charities, and also including defence, can use this Framework.

|  Our Experience


As the leading technology Framework throughout the Public Sector, boxxe has a vast experience of supplying through this Framework.  The most notable include a £190m deal to supply the Ministry of Defence with Microsoft products. 

Although the Ministry of Defence Microsoft contract may be the largest, boxxe has successfully supplied an exhaustive list of products and solutions to all sectors of Customers under this Framework. Customers include Housing Groups, NHS Organisations, Central Government Agencies, Charities, Universities, Schools, Purchasing Consortiums and Councils.

| How to use it


Customers can buy under this agreement by running one of the following further competitions:

Option 1:  Run a further competition (inclusive of price and quality weightings)

Option 2:  Run a simplified further competition (price only weightings) 

Either option may be run using the CCS eSourcing tool, or your own procurement method.

Customers are to invite all the suppliers on the Framework using the contact details on the CCS RM6068 website.

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