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Windows 11 - Not your average upgrade


Boost your productivity with Windows 11 and Copilot

Microsoft Windows 11

From October 2025, there will be no further Windows 10 security updates from Microsoft. Yeah, let that sink in for a second.

Your devices, your applications, your business security - they all need to be brought up to scratch. Sure, we know it’s tempting to put it off, but with boxxe in your corner, Windows 11 can become your high-performance powerhouse.

It’s intelligent, intuitive, and attuned for the end-user compute. That’s a fancy way of saying ‘welcome to the modern workplace, so glad you're joining us’.

Windows 11 gives Copilot its wings

The result?  Radical productivity

boxxe has had almost three years working with Windows 11 to fine-tune every digital detail. 

With our end-to-end transition support combined with best in the business know-how, your adoption of Windows 11 can be truly transformational.

Our company vision is ‘Making Tech Human’. With Windows 11, that means we close the gap between intuition and innovation, create a secure culture of positive productivity and creative problem solving, and emphasise the impact of every individual to be more enterprising, but also more satisfied, every day.

Contact our team of experts today to discover how you can make the inevitable switch work best for your business.

Windows 11 gives Copilot its wings, for radical productivityWindows 11 gives Copilot its wings, for radical productivity

Introducing Copilot

Your new AI superpower

Windows 11, along with Copilot’s innovative AI features, transforms your workflow with a smarter, more intuitive experience. Its modern design and advanced functionality ensure seamless operation while integrating powerful AI through Copilot. This assistant helps streamline tasks, boost creativity and keep you organised, revolutionising your daily productivity.

But, don’t take our word for it...

Boost your productivity

 70%  of Microsoft 365 users who integrated Copilot reported a significant increaase in their productivity.

Catch up 4x faster

Microsoft 365 users with Copilot caught up on missed meetings nearly  4x  faster.

Slash search times

 75%  of Microsoft 365 users reclaimed valuable time by effortlessly locating files.

Quality and quantity

Among Copilot for Microsoft 365 users, a whopping  68%  reported improvements in the quality of their work or output.

Creative companion

 57%  of Copilot for Microsoft 365 users said it helped them be more creative.

Source:  Work Trend Index Special Report

Windows 11 - 5 Pillars

Integrating intelligence

Windows 11 not only improves performance in terms of better battery, memory, and application prioritisation, the eye-opening abilities of Copilot optimise the user interface to make multitasking a joy. 

Encouraging at every step

By creating a customisable user experience that’s intuitive for every employee, Windows 11 acts to catalyse the creative workflow, fosters a culture of communication and collaboration, and sustains the security needed to let ideas flourish in a modern, digitally creative way.

Enabling people & performance

By giving employees greater access to collaborative software like Teams, Onedrive and Microsoft365, Windows 11 integrates creative collaboration, wherever the employee is working, into the everyday user experience.

The most secure Windows every built

Your employees, your data, your devices, they are all protected by dynamic security measures that stay switched on to cyber crime, even when they’re not. Windows 11 introduces enhanced security integration to keep cyber security threats at bay all day.

Keeping it simple

Manage your rollout with the right partner and get those performance perks flowing faster. Deploy, configure, monitor, and secure devices and applications with Windows 11 and bring on the benefits.

Your Windows 11 rollout

When the time comes, we’ll make sure you’re ready

Moving to Windows 11 might sound like a headache - we’ll make it easy for you. We will review your hardware and software compatibility, data migration requirements, user training and security concerns, all while keeping you fully informed on any cost saving opportunities, so you can make the switch when it suits you.

With boxxe on your side, this becomes your opportunity to transform ways of working, without interrupting business momentum.

boxxe - Microsoft Solutions Partner

Make it happen with boxxe

With the right partner, switching to Windows 11 is a way to win

Call us on the number below or complete the form and a boxxe switching specialist will be in touch to discuss your free readiness assessment.

0330 236 9429

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