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Didcot Railway Centre




Customer success story

Your assets may be vintage, but your tech shouldn’t be.

Didcot Railway Centre (DRC) is a living museum, housing an impressive collection of vintage steam locomotives and related artefacts which span a 200 year time period from Victorian times to the 1960s. 

“The installation of the Verkada camera system was simple and well supported by the team at Verkada and boxxe.  Within days of installation, the cameras have proved their worth by identifying three intruders onto our site and proving the non-arrival of contractors on a day, thereby settling a dispute instantly.”

Clive Hetherington , CEO, Didcot Railway Centre

Results  Results_

Dome cameras


Each dome camera has facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition, and is backed by individual software licensing.

Easy installation

   15 mins   

DRC’s tech solution was quick to set up – each camera takes just 15 minutes to install.



We also fitted adjustable Multisensors for greater coverage and to magnify key details.

DRC now has a full dashboard giving them insight on employee and customer movement and footfall, as well as the ability to monitor places and persons of interest, and find out which locomotives are most popular.

And Verkada’s intuitive software removes the need to spend hours watching footage back – if you want to find something specific, you can simply type in ‘person in red top’ and get all relevant clips within seconds.  Plus, all footage is stored on the cloud, which also means DRC’s on-premise storage solution, worth thousands of pounds, is no longer a potential target for thieves. 

With the tech solution’s value already proven, we’re now looking to install access control and an intercom to further strengthen DRC’s physical security measures. 

What did we do?

Challenge Challenge_

Vintage machinery is often protected by vintage tech.  And whilst that may be commonplace, it’s certainly not good practice.  Especially if your assets are a prime target for thieves – like those at Didcot Railway Centre.

With high value vintage locomotives, expensive restoration tools and huge volume footfall, DRC wanted to replace its legacy security system with something more appropriate, future-proof, and secure.  Something that would give the team a clearer picture of break-ins and simplify their whole security process. 

Enter: boxxe and our new partner, Verkada.

Plan Plan_

Let’s set the scene first… Hikvision (a Chinese government owned video surveillance supplier) is used across the globe.  After the news that it poses significant threats to national security, the UK government issued a ban on use in ‘sensitive sites’.  With an active imports, sales and usage ban in the US, many experts are now calling for the same measures in the UK.

Which means there’s no time like the present to take advantage of American-made, next-generation, physical IoT security (sorry it’s a bit of a mouthful!).

We decided that Verkada’s innovative, cloud-based, IoT CCTV cameras were the right solution to all of DRC’s CCTV struggles.

Approach Approach_

This was a speedy project all round.  DRC trialled the cameras for a few weeks to see them in action. The team were pretty impressed and keen to embrace this innovative new tech, so we went ahead with a site visit to map out the area and decide on camera positioning. 

Outcome Outcome_

The proof is in the… footage!

Within 2-3 weeks of installing the cameras, DRC had a break-in.  All three intruders were caught on film and the footage was shared with the police.

DRC now has a full dashboard giving them insight into employee and customer movement and footfall, and the ability to monitor places and persons of interest.

With Verkada’s intuitive software and fully cloud-based storage, DRC can find specific footage in seconds, then download and send clips to relevant persons via mobile.   

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