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IT Solutions for Emergency Services

Emergency Services are under pressure

Our Emergency Services are under increasing pressure to manage budgets whilst providing same-day emergency care to a growing number of patients.

The need for reliable technology solutions

Statistics from NHS England show that the number of emergency admissions has grown over the past decade. As such, many hospitals have sought to upgrade their technology systems to triage patients and ease the burden for the front line. In other areas of the blue light services – police grapple with the threat of ever-evolving cyber crime, while the fire service looks at new ways of reducing response times and improving outcomes through technology.

Data has never been more important, which presents a challenge to services that need to share data and communicate in a secure and compliant manner across multiple locations. The public and front-line staff themselves are used to on-demand apps such as Uber and so expect the same frictionless services from the emergency services. The arrival of Covid-19 only compounded problems – leading to the need for tracing apps and other mobile services to be managed securely.

Bluelight services are stretched and need reliable tech solutions they can benefit from today and in the future.

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