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Hybrid Cloud


Our Hybrid Cloud has everything you need to innovate and accelerate your core infrastructure environment

Accelerate your infrastructure transformation

Your technology infrastructure is the foundation of your business and the way your collegues work.  As industry leaders in IT infrastructure management, we can be your partner to implement and manage complex single, multi- or hybrid-cloud environments for the best possible performance, to maximise the benefits of hybrid cloud. 


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Hybrid Cloud:  Our capabilities

No matter what the problem, at boxxe we have a solution for you and your business.  We strongly believe in developing and supporting long-term infrastructure intiatives and strategies so you gain the most from your business.

Cloud Adoption Management

Cloud technology that works for you.  Consultancy-led planning, implementation and support for your migration from on-premises infrastructure to your very own bespoke, Cloud-based solution.  boxxe can identify your Cloud needs through a serious of workshops and assessments.


Our Solution Architects and Project Manager will then design a full migration plan with you to give the best possible solution for your business needs.  boxxe can undertake the work of moving the identified on-premises workloads into a SaaS Cloud solution.  This will involve a mix of simple 'lift-and-shift' migrations and more complex refactoring work.  boxxe will provide you with support and training throughout the process and ensure that the relevant stakeholders are fully skilled in the new applications and ready to take over the reins.

Cloud Workshops

Discover how your organisation can benefit from the Cloud.  Our Cloud Workshops show all the advantages and identify the Cloud capabilities that are most relevant to you.

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Cloud Assessments

Improved business and IT agility, and cost reductions, are a few of the benefits that the Cloud brings. Our Cloud Assessments ensure we have everything we need to deliver for you the best possible migration to the Cloud.

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Cloud Workload Migration

We migrate your on-premise workloads to public and private cloud platforms, enabling seamless data migrations and workload mobility, resulting in simple, secure, reliable cloud solutions

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Cloud Management

Disrupt your sector, not your organisation with industry-leading toolsets to monitor, manage and optimise your cloud infrastructure - empowering you to accelerate your business

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Platform Management Service

You are facing a variety of challenges as you strive to find growth and stay competitive that cannot be solved without solid infrastructure on which to grow.  But where to start? 


Our Platform Management Services will do just that, helping you start the digital transformation of your infrastructure buy working with you to get things running more efficiently and helping you better manage the systems across your current platform and assessing how you can improve your current set up.

vSphere Health Check

Optimise your cloud infrastructure for lower operating costs, better performance and a smaller carbon footprint.

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Platform Assessment

In 2020, the average organisation could have saved 30% on the same cloud performance.  Our Cloud Experts will help you find your 30%.

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Hardware Cover

Get replacement parts for your critical infrastructure anywhere in the UK, in as little as two hours.

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Infrastructure Support Services

boxxe provides the support you need to keep your infrastructure and operations running smoothly and efficiently, whether outsourcing completely or just requiring support in specific areas, we provide complete coverage for your needs.​​​​​​​

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Platform Monitoring

With your entire IT stack on one platform, monitored by MoD-accredited Security Specialists, boxxe has you covered with expert cloud-based monitoring support

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Connectivity & Hosting Services

The breadth of information and resources available to boxxe allows us to go to market with a comprehensive portfolio of networking services to meet your business needs

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Azure Stack Deployment & Management

Our unique status as an accredited vendor for Dell Azure Stack hardware makes us the ideal partner for deployment and ongoing management.

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

A range of backup services to address your specific needs.  Boxxe’s Backup as-a-Service (BaaS) is a fully managed backup and recovery service that takes the tasks involved in backing up your systems out of your hands and into the hands of our back up specialists to allow your IT team to focus on delivering projects that support your growth.


A secure and reliable back up policy is essential for every organisation to ensure data integrity and to ensure you can easily access your content in the event of unforeseen data loss.  Our team of data experts help you to avoid adding complexity to your infrastructure as well as a painful setup and execution experience by taking care of all your back up needs focusing on back up and disaster recovery so that you can easily perform secure off-site backups.

Secure Veeam Repository

Back up your business critical data in our defence-grade data centre, so you can keep working no matter what happens.

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Veeam Health Check

Ensure you have an effective backup, recovery, archive and reporting environment.

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boxxe Backup as a Service

Safeguards against the risk of failed data recovery and compliance, by securely backing up your business-critical M365 tenant data.

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Unstructured Data Assessment

Understand your data flow, lifecycle and requirements, and get expert opinion to help develop your future data storage and management strategy

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PowerScale Health Assessment

Protect your infrastructure and ensure your DR systems are running efficiently and delivering the performance and resilience that your business needs

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PowerScale Air-Gap Protection

Get maximum data protection from boxxe with an offline, immutable copy of your data stored in a fully automated cyber vault, for safe recovery in the event of a cyber incident

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Fully Managed IT

With the rapidly changing IT landscape and the continual emergence of new technologies and advanced cyber threats, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the IT curve.  You have to optimise while staying secure and keeping your business running.  Success requires the right combination of tools, skills, people, and processes – in short, time and money. 

We understand this challenge and have over 35 years of experience working in countless user environments, across all sectors – in some of the most secure environments in the world.  This is why our fully managed IT support services, run by our highly skilled Engineers and support teams, can help to keep your business running at optimum performance levels, and maintain security, while helping you save time and money – allowing you to focus on executing your strategy and investing in transformational projects to get ahead of the competition.

Save time and money, and unleash extraordinary change with boxxe's Fully Managed IT services.

Fully Managed IT

Our highly skilled Engineers and Support Teams maintain security and keep your business running at optimum performance levels while saving you time and money

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Business challenges?  We see your opportunity.

That's why we do what we do, and can provide you with a service like no other.

See what our clients are saying about us ...


“We’re very pleased with boxxe’s mobile device management service.  To date, the system has fulfilled all of our expectations, and boxxe has proved to be a responsive and supportive service provider.  They are quick to adapt to new requirements and boxxe has delivered all projects on time and within all agreed performance parameters.”

Graham Wells , Cloud Service Manager, Defra

"We have been a customer of boxxe's for over 4 years.  We initially started our engagement with boxxe when our Microsoft ESA was up for renewal.  After winning a close tender competition, boxxe has been an invaluable partner ever since."  

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

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Managed Threat Detection and Response

Managed threat detection responds to and counters cybersecurity risks, ensuring proactive protection and rapid incident resolution.


Penetration Testing

Adopt a programme of testing, remediation and management to combat your ever-changing security risks


Managed Endpoint Protection

Complete protection for all your endpoints with boxxe, including desktops (all major operating systems), laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones


Software Asset Management

Protect your software assets, deliver a better service to your customers, drive competitive advantage, and mitigate risk in your organisation with our SAM services


Secure Content Delivery Service

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files


Modern Desktop on Demand

Instant streaming access to a managed cloud desktop from any device, anytime and anywhere


Automation with boxxe

Step ahead of the competition, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve engagement


End-User Computing Workshop

To understand and modernise your end-user computing infrastructure, we identify improvements and modernisation, developing with you a strategy for implementation


Managed Microsoft 365

To evolve your Microsoft operations, we provide a flexible and scalable service, with access to our security-cleared Engineers, to manage, support, and understand Microsoft's constantly changing technology stack


Automation Services

Helping busy teams win back time, save money and get more done with automation services from boxxe.


Software Advisory Services

Remove the hassle when managing complex software environments. Let us guide you through the software landscape, from tech recommendations to driving efficiencies.


Digital Forensics & Incident Response

With a full and detailed picture of security incidents, get your business back up and running while identifying and closing security vulnerabilities


Managed Firewall

We monitor, manage and maintain your firewalls, freeing up your time to concentrate on higher-value priorities to help your business thrive


Microsoft 365 Health Check

With our discreet health check, we review your Microsoft 365 cloud environment and tell you precisely how you can get the most out of your Microsoft investment


Managed Email Gateway

Protect your business network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of your organisation


Microsoft Teams Services

Bring together the value of M365 and provide a true chat-based hub for teamwork to create a more open and fluid digital environment


Device as a Service

Combine the latest PC hardware and software with PC lifecycle services such as deployment and support, to ensure your people have the right tools for the job


VMware Licensing & Services

boxxe is VMware's Preferred Partner of the Year 2022, recognising our expertise around VMware's solutions and licensing, and we bring that knowledge along with service excellence to benefit your business


Hardware Services

The management and services for hardware are key to any business, and we have the expertise to ensure your business is maximising efficiencies through the full hardware lifecycle


Microsoft Licensing & Services

Our extensive experience of over 25 years in Microsoft licensing and software means we can reduce complexity and costs, increase efficiency and empower your business to flourish


Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

boxxe manages your hardware procurement, delivers ready-to-go devices when you need them and recycles your old machines sustainably


Commercial Modelling & Fulfilment

boxxe supports your business by designing and optimising the very best solution for you. We build and make sure we procure that solution, maxmising cost reduction and reducing lead times


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We provide a 360 service across all business needs, from services and solutions to an incredible range of products – all to ensure your business runs efficiently. We also manage those services, meaning you don't have to worry - All this with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. So explore our technology capabilities below and get in touch - we would love to be of service.

Hybrid Cloud

Our services and consultancy helps your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions


boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are

Software Licensing & Services

Our extensive knowledge of licensing and software means we can help any business, big or small

Hardware Services

We believe that the management and services for hardware are key to any business. We have the expertise to support and ensure your busin...


Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions

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