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Software Advisory Services


Remove the complexity of managing complex agreements.  We will manage licence assignment and provide media to end-users, as well as administering portals on their behalf, freeing up your business for higher-value tasks

Levelling up:  Software Advisory Services

Every organisation is powered by software, whether in the datacentre, at the endpoint or in the cloud.  The software portfolio your business uses will drive the transformation of your organisation, but with an ever-increasing number of vendors, licensing types and consumption methods, the task of choosing and procuring software becomes even more complex.

boxxe's Software Advisory Services give your organisation access to vendor-agnostic industry experts who will guide you through the software landscape, from technology recommendations to driving efficiencies. 

Navigate the complex software landscape with boxxe

  •  EXPERIENCED  - Dedicated, specialist team with 50+ years’ combined licensing experience

  •  AGNOSTIC  - Fully understand vendors, licensing models and internal processes

  •  MULTI-SKILLED  - Skills and experience in 30+ vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, IBM & Citrix

  •  ACCREDITED  - boxxe holds the highest accreditations,  including being a Microsoft LSP & VMware Premier Partner

Customer engagement is evolving

It is no longer enough to provide a transactional service.  A true partner must be able to act alongside you to hold vendors to account, using deep knowledge and experience to ensure the licensing models are in your best interest and that the best commercial terms are being offered. 

Using boxxe’s continuous engagement model, we ensure that we are an advisor rather than a transaction vehicle.  We take the time to learn about your requirements, which enables us to deliver optimal licensing and commercial outcomes.  We’ll then support you throughout the life-cycle of the agreement, and as technology is always evolving, our teams continue to work with you to develop and improve the solutions we deliver.

Continuous Engagement Throughout Your Life-Cycle

Organisations need a partner who they can turn to throughout the software lifecycle to resolve complex questions. Our consultants are skilled in the following areas and are included as standard when you utilize boxxe as your licensing provider:

  • Technology short-listing
  • Multi-vendor software licensing
  • Strategic contract negotiation
  • Software renewal optimisation

Premium Consultative Engagement

We also have the premium consultative engagements for more complex requirements:

  • Software Consolidation
  • EULA Services
  • Agreement Management
  • Tail Spend Consolidation

The right partner:  boxxe

Using the history of boxxe as a value-added reseller, our Software Advisory Services are delivered by our Technology Solutions Team who will work alongside your business to provide industry-leading knowledge and expertise for your business’s software lifecycle.

Our experts will engage with you at the earliest opportunity, whether on an exploratory call or replying to a tender or bid, with the sole aim of giving your business the best view of the market and the most appropriate solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Our clients love us

Business challenges?  We see your opportunity.

That's why we do what we do, and can provide you with a service like no other.

"We have been a customer of boxxe's for over 4 years.  We initially started our engagement with boxxe when our Microsoft ESA was up for renewal.  After winning a close tender competition, boxxe has been an invaluable partner ever since."  

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

“We’re very pleased with boxxe’s mobile device management service.  To date, the system has fulfilled all of our expectations, and boxxe has proved to be a responsive and supportive service provider.  They are quick to adapt to new requirements and boxxe has delivered all projects on time and within all agreed performance parameters.”

Graham Wells , Cloud Service Manager, Defra

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