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Cybersecurity services


Flexible services for keeping any on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures safe against cyberattacks.  Not sure where to begin?

We've built our reputation on the provision of world leading IT security services for the past 30 years.

Your systems, data and reputation are safe in our hands.

  • We offer award-winning secure content delivery services 
  • We have delivered 25,000,000+ security patches

  • Our security specialists know regulations, and how to make your systems compliant

  • We provide world leading security services 

Cybersecurity:  Our capabilities

Threat Detection & Response

Our Threat Detection & Response service is built to your specific needs, giving you control over what is monitored. Once you've chosen the services that best fit your needs, you get access to a dedicated team of Security Analysts who will track potential threats and respond to issues as they occur.

Cybersecurity built to your needs

Vulnerability Management Detection & Response

Safeguard your IT infrastructure and relieve the workload on your IT teams. We identify your exposure to security vulnerabilities through our VMDR service with regular discovery, assessments, detection and response.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

With a full and detailed picture of security incidents, get your business back up and running while identifying and closing security vulnerabilities.

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Managed Firewall

Our Managed Firewall service is for businesses in all sectors that want to take away the time-consuming day-to-day monitoring, management and maintenance associated with running firewalls.

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Managed Email Gateway

Protect your business network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of your organisation.

Stay safe from threats and risks

Managed Endpoint Protection

Complete protection for all your endpoints, including desktops (all major operating systems supported), laptops, servers, tablets, and smartphones.

Keep your devices secure

Secure Solution Deployment

We bring a deep understanding of security to all aspects of solution deployment, and the whole development lifecycle.

Protect the integrity of your deployments

Secure Content Delivery Service

We've built our reputation on providing world-class security software for the Ministry of Defence. Secure your systems from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files.

Secure your systems

Penetration Testing as a Service

A penetration test is typically a point-in-time assessment, but more frequent cyber attacks mean that regular testing and remediation is increasingly important for security. PTaaS from boxxe and Pentest People provides you with this ongoing programme of testing, remediation and management in order to combat your ever-changing security risks.

Find vulnerabilities other tests miss

Cybersecurity Assessment

Get a detailed security report in just 2-3 hours, and find out which apps in your Microsoft ELA can plug the gaps - all for free.

Identify security gaps

Cyber Insurance Assessment

Your business needs protection that's fit for purpose so you're covered in the event of an impactful cyber incident. boxxe is uniquely placed to provide an assessment of your cyber insurance needs, supporting your business in this critically important area

Get an expert assessment now

Our method

Technology can be confusing but we've worked hard to make sure our process isn't.  We follow four key steps in every project:


Our process starts with a free Assessment


Here we get the clarity we need to design your ideal environment


Our assessment and design ensure a seamless implementation


We'll give you the tools to manage your infrastructure easily

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Just a few of the clients we've supported with our cybersecurity services

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike

“Verisec has for several years aided UK municipalities with secure logins and solutions.  The opportunity to contribute to the University’s digitisation is a great success for us.  The new agreement became a reality by the assistance of one of our British partners.  We look forward to being able to attract more universities and institutions in the public sector, in both the UK and other countries, in the future.”

Johan Henrikson , CEO, Verisec

“We have had excellent support from boxxe for many years.  All the work done has been in accordance with MOD requirement, hence ensuring we maintain the required accreditations for MoD Contracts.”

Julian Floyd , Systems and IT Manager, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd

Start your modern digital transformation with a FREE Security Assessment

Using the information gathered, we'll build a bespoke report with our findings and recommendations.  Once you have it, it's your choice whether we help you with the next steps or you start the work yourself.

Either way, the report is yours to keep.  No hard sell.  That's a promise!

Make the most of our Cybersecurity services

Call us on the number below or complete the form and one of our Technology Speciailsts will be in touch to answer any questions and arrange your free Security Assessment.

0330 236 9429

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boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

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