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IT Services and Solutions


We implement flexible tech solutions to accelerate growth commercially, socially and sustainably

Explore boxxe's business IT solutions

Our business IT services and solutions are powered to transform your organisation and enable your teams to perform effectively.  They are underpinned by a strategic consultancy process, and only understanding your commercial objectives can we deliver truly successful digital transformation projects, making your organisation more agile and profitable. 

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Solutions and Services

We provide a 360 service across all business needs, from solutions, services and products ensuring your business runs efficiently, to managing the service - meaning you don't have to worry.  All this, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do!

Hybrid Cloud

Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex cloud solutions. We can help you with a mix of cloud infrastructures.

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boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing some of the biggest companies with security protection

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Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are

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Software Licensing and Services

Our extensive knowledge of licensing and software means we can help any business, big or small. 

Microsoft Licensing & Software

boxxe has over 30 years' experience as an LSP, managing some of the most complex agreements in the UK

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VMware Licensing & Software

boxxe is VMware's preferred partner of the year, recognising our knowledge and expertise around VMWare's solutions and licensing

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Software Asset Management

boxxe works with some of the UK's most complicated environments to reduce complexity of software estates and reduce costs

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Software Advisory Services

Remove the complexity of managing complex agreements. We will manage your software lifecycle, freeing up your business for higher value tasks

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Hardware Services

We believe that the management and services for hardware are key to any business.  We have the expertise to support and ensure your business is maximising efficiencies. 

Solution Design

We understand our customers needs and requirements, ensuring a future-proofed personal experience

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Commercial Modelling & Fulfilment

Our experts will support your business by designing and optimising the very best solution for you. We build and make sure we procure that solution, maxmising cost reduction and reduced lead times

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Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

We not only manage your procurement but we also deliver the devices when you need them - ready to go, and recycle your old machines

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We offer so much more than just infrastructure, workplace and security.  We offer a completely bespoke experience for your business.  This means we really listen to understand the problems, and adapt the solution to ensure it is right for your business.

Digital Services

From automation to argumented reality, boxxe accelerates your digital transformation projects with the latest technology

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Data Services

Business intelligence is built on data, and boxxe's data services provide the insights you need for better decision-making

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Security Solutions Deployment & Support

Keep your systems and organisation secure with boxxe's security solutions deployment and support services

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Threat Detection & Response

Your systems, data and reputation are safe in our hands with boxxe's comprehensive cybersecurity solutions which include security monitoring, threat intelligence, incident analysis, incident response and threat hunting

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Security Assessment & Governance

boxxe's services give you the assurance of knowing your environment is secure and your users and customer data are safe from risk of potential compromise and regulatory fines

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End-User & Device Management

boxxe deploys, manages and secures your devices, applications and data, transforming your internal systems and business practices, and improving the way you interact with customers, partners, and employees

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Microsoft Cloud Services

boxxe's consultancy-led migration management will ensure your hybrid environment is right for your needs, balancing the cost and scale benefits of Cloud with the security, compliance and risk mitigation of on-premises

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Networking & Hosting

boxxe provides the functionality and support for your datacentre and infrastructure networking with a variety of connectivity, hosting and networking services to meet your business needs

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

boxxe works with you to ensure your backup and disaster recovery strategy supports the integrity and continuity of mission critical operations in the event of a catastrophic failure or cyberattack

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Our method

Technology can be confusing, but we've worked hard to make sure our process isn't.  We follow four key steps in every project:


We start our process with a free Platform Assessment


Here we get the clarity we need to design your ideal environment


Our assessment and design ensure a seamless implementation


We give you the tools to manage your infrastructure easily

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Explore IT solutions and new technology for business through in-depth case studies. Our digital transformation solutions are powered to transform organisations and enable individuals to perform effectively.

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