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Managed Endpoint Protection


Protect all your endpoints, including laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones, with our effective endpoint security software

- Real-time protection from threats
- Highly trained cybersecurity specialists
- Leading provider of ransomware protection
- Round-the-clock support for an immediate response

Protect your organisation from threats with our endpoint protection service

With the rapid growth of remote working across organisations of all shapes and sizes, it's now more important than ever before to ensure all your endpoint devices are protected against the threat of cyberattacks.

Robust endpoint security manager

Data breaches as a result of cybercriminal activity can have devastating consequences, from critical financial losses to unrepairable reputational damage. Managing endpoint security across a business where workers may use personal devices such as mobile phones or laptops that can be susceptible to security threats can be challenging. The solution? A robust endpoint security manager that can be applied across all of your organisation's devices.

Our comprehensive endpoint security solutions can stop security threats in their tracks. Using real-time data, we'll identify potential cyberattacks and breaches of your organisation's data before hackers can access your confidential information across your corporate networks and systems.

"In today's modern landscape, fending off cyberattacks requires a layered approach.  That's where managed endpoint security comes into play.  Endpoint security software acts as a shield, constantly monitoring your networks for suspicious activity and blocking potential threats.  It's crucial for businesses to implement extensive protection protocols to outsmart cybercriminals."

Andy Batty , Security Sales Specialist, boxxe

How boxxe can help with managed endpoint security and ransomware protection

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Using Sophos Intercept X, we'll give you advanced protection to disrupt modern attack chains. This includes deep learning for predictive attack and exploit prevention and CryptoGuard, which rolls back unauthorised file encryption in seconds.

Managed Threat Response

As well as automated defences, you'll also have a dedicated security analyst to monitor endpoint threats. If a threat is detected, your analyst will isolate the endpoint, investigate the issue and work with your team to resolve it.

Exploit Prevention

We'll stop the techniques used in file-less, malware-less and exploit-based endpoint attacks. How? Attackers only rely on a handful of exploit techniques in the typical attack chain. Sophos Intercept X's built-in protection blocks those techniques and stops zero-day attacks before they start.

Future-Proof Defence

With integrated deep learning, our managed endpoint protection uses predictive malware detection to protect you against both known and previously unseen threats.

Why choose boxxe for your managed endpoint security?

With over three decades of experience in the industry, our specialists can be counted upon to provide you with unrivalled endpoint security against cyberattacks. We'll be on hand to offer you and your organisation dedicated support to safeguard your business and keep your private information safe.

 Fast threat elimination

Combining our expertise with the world's highest rated, most reviewed endpoint solution, we'll block ransomware attacks before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your organisation. 

   Certified security expertise

Our team, supported by a Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 accredited Security Operations Centre, has over 30 years of experience supporting the Ministry of Defence's cybersecurity.

 End-to-end protection for remote workers

Dramatically improve application access for remote workers with optional integrated zero-trust network access.  Give your remote workers a more secure, reliable and transparent user experience.

 Cloud-based endpoint protection

Advanced endpoint security from a single client agent.  That means a smaller footprint and transparent, easy-to-access data within a central, cloud-based console.

Case Studies

Discover how other businesses have protected their assets and kept operations running smoothly with our advanced endpoint protection and cybersecurity services.


For further reading, explore our cyberecurity case studies to the right, or find all boxxe case studies via the link below.

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What our customers have to say

Find out why so many businesses trust us when it comes to digital safety and endpoint threat response against cyberattacks.

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike

“Verisec has for several years aided UK municipalities with secure logins and solutions.  The opportunity to contribute to the University’s digitisation is a great success for us.  The new agreement became a reality by the assistance of one of our British partners.  We look forward to being able to attract more universities and institutions in the public sector, in both the UK and other countries, in the future.”

Johan Henrikson , CEO, Verisec

Fantastic and flexible technology partner

"boxxe was fantastic at getting this request completed.  They designed and implemented the virtual desktops in good time, meaning we were able to fulfil the sales orders at this critical time.  boxxe has proven themselves to be a knowledgeable and flexible technology partner.”

Joe Browns

“Our customers require cyber experts that can help them achieve better security outcomes, protecting them from today’s sophisticated threats.  Our Platinum Innovator NextWave partners have deep Palo Alto Networks expertise to help solve complex security challenges with robust solutions and services.  As a NextWave Platinum Innovator, boxxe is helping redefine what it means to be secure.”

Patricia Murphy , VP EMEA & LATAM Ecosystems at Palo Alto Networks

"It's important to always champion yourself, other women and your colleagues, to actively support their growth, success, and wellbeing.  There is plenty of room for all of us so don’t tear each other down.  I really am delighted to have been shortlisted as Sales Employee of the Year.  Being a finalist holds significant meaning and recognition to me.  It's a validation of my hard work, dedication, and expertise, and it serves as a testament to my accomplishments within the IT sector.”

Tara Mason , Senior Account Director for Defence - boxxe

“The installation of the Verkada camera system was simple and well supported by the team at Verkada and boxxe.  Within days of installation, the cameras have proved their worth by identifying three intruders onto our site and proving the non-arrival of contractors on a day, thereby settling a dispute instantly.”

Clive Hetherington , CEO, Didcot Railway Centre

"We will likely experience a ransomware attack, and how we recover is going to be testament to our character and the controls we now have in place. Druva is a key part of that recovery plan. There are a lot of systems we could do without, but not Microsoft 365. It’s the heart of our business, and Druva ensures that data is secure so our company can continue serving our customers."

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

"According to the UK Government's latest Cybersecurity Breaches Survey, 50% of businesses have experienced a cybersecurity breach in the last 12 months.  This figure is significantly higher for medium and large businesses, at upwards of 70%.

Cybersecurity breaches pose a significant threat to business continuity, potentially resulting in loss of productivity, data compliance and reputation.  According to the same survey, the most disruptive breaches cost medium or large businesses more than £10,000 on average.

With cybersecurity breaches so prevalent and criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods of attack, it's crucial your organisation is adequately protected." 

Andy Batty , Security Sales Specialist, boxxe

"Cybercriminals are constantly developing new, sophisticated methods of attack.  For example, AI is being used to scale up existing techniques like ransomware and phishing. Traditional security measures and a reactive approach simply aren't enough to stay safe anymore."

Andy Batty , Security Sales Specialist, boxxe

Managed endpoint security FAQs

Why is it so important to use a managed endpoint protection service?

Cyberattacks can have a devastating impact on organisations of any size. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to try to hack networks and steal valuable information, so it is vital to stay ahead of the curve and implement structured security measures to protect your business.

Using managed endpoint security solutions provides your network with continual monitoring of potential threats and attacks, stopping hackers in their tracks. It offers a streamlined approach to keeping your network safe and allows for enhanced, in-depth control.

Incidents can be investigated by cybersecurity experts to ensure any potential breaches are dealt with efficiently, drawing upon their invaluable insight into the techniques used by cybercriminals. This proactive approach ensures your organisation's sensitive information is protected before threats are made and safeguards your business for the future.

How much does managed endpoint protection cost?

Due to our bespoke approach, which is tailored to your business's individual needs, it's difficult at this stage to provide a concrete figure for our endpoint protection services.

If you would like to get a more accurate estimate of how much an endpoint security manager service with boxxe would cost for your organisation, feel free to get in touch. We'll discuss your specific requirements and the team will be able to give you a better sense of the price based on the information you can share with us.

How does endpoint security compare to anti-virus software?

Most people will be familiar with anti-virus software but there are some key differences in anti-virus solutions in comparison to the techniques used when deploying endpoint protection.

Anti-virus software protects individual devices by detecting and blocking different types of malware. The software can also remove harmful files from devices and alert users when they come into contact with harmful internet content or potentially malicious files.

In comparison, endpoint security software can be rolled out across an organisation's entire network and not just one individual device. Using an endpoint security manager allows for security operations to be controlled remotely, offering real-time, widespread monitoring of the entire network. Incidents can be detected and dealt with swiftly, with reports generated on findings to determine the best practice approach for dealing with similar cyber threats in the future.

Get the benefits of Managed Endpoint Protection

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