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Identity Solutions

Comprehensive identity and access management solutions

Microsoft Identity Solutions, facilitated through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Get comprehensive identity and access management solutions to help your organisation ensure the right individuals access the right resources.

The challenge

Without comprehensive identity and access management solutions, organisations may face significant challenges in ensuring secure and efficient access to resources. The absence of robust identity management capabilities can lead to limited visibility and control over user identities and access rights, making it difficult to enforce consistent access policies and identify potential security risks. Manual user provisioning and deprovisioning processes may result in delays and errors, increasing the risk of unauthorised access and security breaches.

Additionally, organisations may struggle to meet regulatory compliance requirements without automated identity management solutions, leading to potential audit failures and legal repercussions. The lack of scalable identity management processes can hinder organisational agility and flexibility in responding to evolving business needs. Poor user experience due to fragmented identity management processes may further impact productivity and user satisfaction. In summary, the absence of comprehensive identity and access management solutions poses significant challenges for organisations in maintaining security, compliance, scalability, and user experience across their IT environments.

Get the benefits of Microsoft Identity Solutions


Single Sign-On (SSO) Azure AD enables Single Sign-On to cloud (SaaS) apps and access   to web apps that you run on-premises. With SSO, users can access their applications without the need to remember multiple passwords, significantly reducing the chance of password-related security breaches.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This critical security feature ensures that there’s   more than one layer of security for user sign-ins and transactions. MFA can drastically reduce the risk of phishing and hacking attempts.

Conditional Access Conditional

Access policies in Azure AD provide granular access   controls based on user, location, device health, service, or data. These policies help ensure that only trusted individuals and compliant devices can access sensitive data.

boxxe's deep expertise makes a differenceboxxe's deep expertise makes a difference

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