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Managed Cybersecurity Services


Flexible services for keeping any on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures safe against cyber attacks.

-  Flexible solutions tailored to your unique needs
-  Fully optimised technology and strategies
-  Highly trained, specialist consultants
-  Round-the-clock risk management

We've built our reputation on the provision of world leading IT security services for the past 35 years.

Your systems, data and reputation are safe in our hands.

We offer award-winning secure content delivery services, and have delivered more than 25 million security patches. Our security specialists know regulations, how to make your systems compliant, and with our deep understanding, we provide world leading security services to protect your business.

What our cybersecurity services can do for you

It takes the right combination of tools, skills, people and processes to thoroughly protect your organisation. Having worked in countless user environments across all sectors, our highly trained cybersecurity analysts are perfectly positioned to keep your business secure.

Optimised technology

Our cybersecurity services and solutions are tried and tested, offering you greater value.

Flexible solutions

We're not tied to any single vendor. Our only priority is providing tailored and practical solutions for your organisation.

Depth of expertise

Our team of highly trained analysts can give you access to cybersecurity skills and insights that are hard to come by.

Seamless protection

Get complete threat detection across your entire IT stack, keeping your organisation safe 24x7x365.

"According to the UK Government's latest Cybersecurity Breaches Survey, 50% of businesses have experienced a cybersecurity breach in the last 12 months.  This figure is significantly higher for medium and large businesses, at upwards of 70%.

Cybersecurity breaches pose a significant threat to business continuity, potentially resulting in loss of productivity, data compliance and reputation.  According to the same survey, the most disruptive breaches cost medium or large businesses more than £10,000 on average.

With cybersecurity breaches so prevalent and criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods of attack, it's crucial your organisation is adequately protected." 

Andy Batty , Security Sales Specialist, boxxe

The scope of our cybersecurity services

Safeguard your IT infrastructure and protect your business from advanced cyber threats and known risks via boxxe's suite of services and solutions, built to your needs.

  Managed Threat Detection & Response Services

Our experts use cutting-edge technologies to scan for potential cybersecurity threats, providing you with round-the-clock risk management and peace of mind.

   Vulnerability Management Detection & Response

Our application uses the Qualys Cloud Platform to scan your IT infrastructure, identifying your organisation's exposure to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and helping you build strategies for future improvements.

   Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity Incident Response

Our experts identify and close security vulnerabilities following a cybersecurity breach, while helping your organisation get operational again.

   Managed Firewall Services

Let us take on the time-consuming work of monitoring, managing and updating your organisation's firewalls, freeing up your internal team's time to focus on what matters most to your business.

   Secure Managed Email Gateway

Our specialists monitor, filter and protect your email traffic from cybersecurity threats like spam, malware and phishing attacks, allowing your in-house IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

   Managed Endpoint Protection

Get complete protection for all your endpoint devices, such as servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices, as well as a dedicated security analyst to isolate, investigate and resolve threats.

   Cybersecurity Solution Deployment

Our experts use their deep understanding of cybersecurity to help you implement and configure bespoke solutions in a secure and compliant manner.

   Secure CDN Services

We provide you with a trusted, secure platform that lets your organisation access vetted and verified content directly from the publishers, providing the highest levels of network security. 

   Penetration Testing Services

Our cybersecurity analysts hunt for any weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your IT environment and fix any issues found, ensuring your defences are resilient to cyber attacks. 

   Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Our experts provide you with a personalised review of your organisation's cybersecurity practices and strategies for improvement, helping you feel confident in your ability to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Why choose boxxe as your cybersecurity partner?

We've built our reputation on the provision of world-leading cybersecurity services for the past 35 years. Our experts are some of the most hardworking, diligent and passionate in the industry. Here are just a few of the reasons why your systems, data and reputation are safe in our hands:

  • Tailored solutions:  We appreciate that every organisation is different. Our team takes the time to truly understand what makes you tick and the unique challenges you face, then collaboratively crafts the bespoke
    cybersecurity solutions you need.
  • Certified experts:  We're ISO 27001 accredited security specialists, so you can rest assured your data and reputation are in safe hands
  • Innovative partners:  Our partnerships with industry-leading providers like Palo Alto Networks help us continually provide the most advanced solutions available.
  • Client-approved:  Our expert solutions have led to some incredible results for clients and we'd like to deliver the same for you. 

Case Studies

Read our latest cybersecurity case studies

Explore our services, solutions and new technology for business through our case studies.

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FAQs about cybersecurity

1.  What types of businesses are most at risk for a cyber attack?

All businesses are at risk from cyber attacks but some types of businesses make easier targets than others. You might think that cybercriminals might focus their attacks on businesses that handle a lot of sensitive data, like companies in the financial or healthcare industries. Yet while these businesses do have vast amounts of data, they also tend to have more robust security systems in place. Small and medium-sized businesses that don't have access to dedicated cybersecurity experts, strategies and solutions are easier targets for cyber attacks.

2.  How much do your cybersecurity services cost?

While we'd like to give you a ballpark figure, the truth is that it depends on your organisation's individual needs. We'll be able to give you an estimate once you get in touch and help us understand the specific challenges you face. Why not take advantage of our completely free security assessment, complete with a bespoke report with recommendations.

3.  What are the benefits of outsourcing cybersecurity services?

There are several advantages of managed IT security services from a specialist provider, including but not limited to:

  • Lower costs – According to data from techrepublic, the average Security Operations Centre (SOC) costs around £800,000 per year to run, requiring hiring an experienced team, purchasing hardware, licensing software solutions and the costs of ongoing training. In most cases, outsourcing cybersecurity is a less expensive alternative.
  • Access to expertise – You gain access to a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts with specialist knowledge and deep experience, which in-house teams with multiple responsibilities typically lack.

  • Time efficiency – Outsourcing cybersecurity to a specialist firm frees up your internal IT team to focus on higher-value business activities, with peace of mind that you have dedicated experts taking care of security. 

Start your cybersecurity transformation with a free assessment

Using the information gathered, we'll build a bespoke report with our findings and recommendations.  Once you have it, it's your choice whether we help you with the next steps or you start the work yourself. 
Either way, the report is yours to keep.  No hard sell.  That's a promise.

Make the most of our cybersecurity services

Call us on the number below or complete the form and one of our specialists will be in touch to answer any questions and arrange your free security assessment.

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