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Managed Threat Detection & Response


24/7 cybersecurity with fast threat elimination, deployed in days, via our world-class Security Operations Centre

What is Managed Threat Detection & Response?

Managed Threat Detection & Response (MTDR) is a comprehensive cybersecurity service that plays a crucial role in safeguarding businesses from evolving cyber threats.  With MTDR, organisations can delegate the complex task of threat detection and response to dedicated security experts.  These experts employ advanced tools and technologies to continuously monitor and analyse network activities, looking for signs of potential security breaches or malicious activities. 

What are the benefits of a MTDR team?

In the event of a detected threat, the MTDR team responds swiftly and decisively, containing and mitigating the impact of the attack.  By outsourcing their security operations to MTDR providers, businesses can benefit from 24/7 protection, rapid incident response, and access to the latest threat intelligence.  This proactive approach helps organisations stay ahead of cyber adversaries and ensures their critical data and assets remain secure, allowing them to focus on their core operations with peace of mind.

The benefits of having a Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) team include:

  1. Early Threat Detection:  MTDR teams monitor networks and systems round-the-clock, spotting threats in their early stages to prevent potential breaches.
  2. Rapid Incident Response:  In the event of an attack, MTDR teams respond quickly, minimising damage and reducing downtime.
  3. Expertise:  MTDR teams consist of skilled cybersecurity professionals with up-to-date knowledge, effectively countering evolving threats.
  4. Resource Focus:  Outsourcing security tasks allows the organisation to concentrate on core activities, leaving threat management to experts.
  5. Continuous Monitoring:  MTDR teams provide 24/7 coverage, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed regardless of time.
  6. Advanced Tools:  Access to cutting-edge security technologies enhances detection and response capabilities.
    Risk Mitigation: MTDR teams help identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and implement strategies to reduce security risks.
  7. Compliance Assistance:  MTDR teams aid in adhering to industry regulations and standards, avoiding non-compliance issues.
  8. Cost Efficiency:  Building an in-house team requires substantial resources, while outsourcing to an MTDR team can be more cost-effective.
  9. Learning from Incidents:  MTDR teams analyse past incidents to improve future threat prevention and response strategies.
  10. Scalability:  MTDR services can be scaled up or down according to an organisation's evolving needs.
    Threat Intelligence: MTDR teams provide valuable insights into emerging threats and trends, enhancing the organisation's overall security posture.

Incorporating an MTDR team into a security strategy strengthens an organisation's resilience against cyber threats, ultimately safeguarding valuable data and operations.

Why choose boxxe?

Protect your organisation

 boxxe can be a valuable partner in providing Managed Threat Detection & Response services to businesses, working with leading technology partners to protect what’s important to your organisation.

The boxxe Security Operations Centre

 With their expertise in cybersecurity and access to cutting-edge technologies, boxxe’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) can offer round-the-clock monitoring of networks and systems to detect potential threats in real-time.  They can deploy advanced threat detection tools and algorithms to identify suspicious activities and respond swiftly to mitigate any security breaches. 

Additionally, boxxe's SOC team can conduct thorough investigations to understand the nature and scope of cyber threats, allowing them to tailor their response strategies accordingly.  By partnering with boxxe, businesses can enhance their security posture, minimise the risk of cyberattacks, and ensure a proactive defence against emerging threats.  This collaboration enables organisations to focus on their core operations while entrusting their cybersecurity to a reliable and experienced team.

Our clients love us

Your pain?  We understand.  That's why we do what we do, and can provide you with a service like no other.

“I know that no matter what the challenge might be, I can go to boxxe and say, ‘I’ve got this issue here.  What are your thoughts about it?’ and get a solid answer back.  I’ve never had to go back and question them.”

John Allan , IT Team Manager, Clackmannanshire Council

“We have had excellent support from boxxe for many years.  All the work done has been in accordance with MOD requirement, hence ensuring we maintain the required accreditations for MoD Contracts.”

Julian Floyd , Systems and IT Manager, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd

“boxxe has been responsive, open and collaborative.  The management of projects has been very good, with flexibility and agility.  We really get the impression that the core OEP teams in boxxe really care about delivering a good service to us.”

Abbey Law , Senior IT and Digital Officer, The Office for Environment Protection

"Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas.  It’s paved the way to Thirteen Group being Microsoft-first in our future developments."

Jayne Allport , Head of Service, Systems & Application Improvement, Thirteen Group

Frequently asked questions


1.  Is boxxe's Security Operations Centre based in the UK?

Yes - our team and headquarters are all based in the UK, so you don't have to worry about any time-difference or language barriers that inhibit communications. 

2.  What's the difference between a SOC, SIEM and MDR?

There are a lot of acronyms to work through in cybersecurity which can be frustrating if you're just trying to figure out the best way to stay protected.  Here's a quick breakdown of commonly-used terms:

Security operations centre (SOC):  This is either a team or facility dedicated to prevent, detect, assess and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents.

Security information and event management (SIEM):  This term describes a variety of products and services that absorb data from multiple sources in an infrastructure to highlight potentially suspicious 'events' that require further investigation.

Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR):  This describes a cybersecurity service whereby a third-party monitors your network for intrusions, malware, and malicious.  If/once detected, that team supports a rapid response to eliminate and mitigate any threats.

3.  What's the benefit of managed security over an in-house solution?

There are two main reasons why organisations choose to outsource their cybersecurity:

It makes more financial sense:  The cost of hiring an experienced team, licensing SIEM solutions and regular training is a high barrier to entry for organisations looking to manage security in house.  For many, a lower, recurring cost is a much more attractive solution to stay protected.

Dedicated experts:  Often IT teams are asked to manage cybersecurity as well as a businesses IT needs. This creates two common challenges:  The team might lack the specialist cybersecurity expertise needed to manage modern threats, and keeping an organisations IT running can make cybersecurity a low priority (leaving them vulnerable).

Outsourcing solves this by giving organisations access to a 24/7 team of specialists whose only focus is to keep you safe.

Interested in finding out more about Managed Threat Detection and Response

Speak to our Security Operations Centre team.  We provide 24/7 network monitoring using advanced tools, swift threat response, and comprehensive threat investigation.  Collaborating with boxxe enhances security, safeguards against emerging threats, and enables businesses to focus on core operations.

Simply call us on the number below or fill in the form and we will be in touch.

0330 236 9429

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