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Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response


Safeguard your IT infrastructure and relieve the workload on your IT teams.  We identify your exposure to security vulnerabilities through our VMDR service with regular discovery, assessments, detection and response

Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response 

Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) is an essential step for preventing data breaches and other cyber attachs

  • Certified IT solutions and services

  • Tailored to your company's needs

  • 24/7 company account access

  • Client-approved solutions

Find your weak spots before anyone else does, with vulnerability management

Weak spots in your IT security system are a natural in-road for hackers.

A data breach could result in financial loss and reputational damage, so the pressure is on to make your security watertight. However, we understand that this can be time-consuming and demands specialist resource.

That's where a comprehensive vulnerability management system comes into the picture. It involves identifying, assessing and reporting on flaws in your IT system, allowing experts to prioritise and handle issues swiftly through patch management and other techniques.

Ease your IT team's workload

Safeguard your IT infrastructure and ease your IT team's workload with boxxe. Our Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response service uses the Qualys Cloud Platform to provide regular vulnerability checks and identify exposure to 'known' vulnerabilities – the most frequent method used by hackers. 

From a single application, boxxe can provide you with vulnerability discovery, assessments, detection and response.

How boxxe can help with threat and vulnerability management

Save time and resources with cloud technology

Cloud technology

There's no need for bulky appliances, as everything is in the cloud and ready to run. With unlimited virtual scanners, you can remain agile to handle any threats.

Using a single cloud platform, organisations save significant resources and the time required to otherwise install multiple agents, multiple consoles and integrations.

With boxxe, you have access to experts

Access to experts

By packaging the technology and expertise into a single offering, our VMDR unlocks several benefits for your business.

A single point of contact avoids integration headaches or delays. We will maintain the platform on your behalf, providing threat and vulnerability management as a comprehensive service.

boxxe helps your business stay protected

Helping your business stay protected

We work alongside Qualys for vulnerability management, helping to reduce business security exposure. We can build a roadmap for further improvement and provide a greater focus for security spend and resources. With our help, your business can stay one step ahead.

"Known vulnerabilities are one of the most common breakthroughs for hackers.  A proactive approach is the only way to outsmart cybercriminals.  VMDR scans your entire IT system to continuously identify and prioritise vulnerabilities, ensuring you keep your finger on the pulse. Combined with the expertise of our team, you can benefit from ongoing protection."

Andy Batty , Security Sales Specialist, boxxe

Why choose boxxe for VMDR solutions for your business?

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, we can help organisations embrace security not only to protect their business assets and sensitive data but also their reputation. Cybersecurity Services from boxxe can fully protect your business and feed all aspects of your digital and IT landscape. 

  • Tailored solutions:  We take the time to understand your specific needs because we appreciate that no two organisations are the same. From there, we can put an effective threat and vulnerability management strategy in place.

  • Certified experts:  As we're ISO 27001 accredited security specialists, you can take comfort in our ability to protect your organisation by keeping your IT systems secure.

  • Innovative partners:  Our partnerships with reputable names in the industry, such as Palo Alto Networks, mean we can offer pioneering solutions.

  • Client-approved:  We've worked closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results – and we can do the same for you.

Case Studies

Our customers love our VMDR and cybersecurity services

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike

“Verisec has for several years aided UK municipalities with secure logins and solutions.  The opportunity to contribute to the University’s digitisation is a great success for us.  The new agreement became a reality by the assistance of one of our British partners.  We look forward to being able to attract more universities and institutions in the public sector, in both the UK and other countries, in the future.”

Johan Henrikson , CEO, Verisec

“We have had excellent support from boxxe for many years.  All the work done has been in accordance with MOD requirement, hence ensuring we maintain the required accreditations for MoD Contracts.”

Julian Floyd , Systems and IT Manager, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd

“NextWave partners play a critical role throughout the customer lifecycle, from the initial qualifying stage to ultimately ensuring successful deployment and adoption of our technology.  As a NextWave Platinum Innovator, boxxe is a cybersecurity advisor our customers can trust.”

Tom Evans , VP of Worldwide Channel Sales, Palo Alto Networks

“Our customers require cyber experts that can help them achieve better security outcomes, protecting them from today’s sophisticated threats.  Our Platinum Innovator NextWave partners have deep Palo Alto Networks expertise to help solve complex security challenges with robust solutions and services.  As a NextWave Platinum Innovator, boxxe is helping redefine what it means to be secure.”

Patricia Murphy , VP EMEA & LATAM Ecosystems at Palo Alto Networks

“The installation of the Verkada camera system was simple and well supported by the team at Verkada and boxxe.  Within days of installation, the cameras have proved their worth by identifying three intruders onto our site and proving the non-arrival of contractors on a day, thereby settling a dispute instantly.”

Clive Hetherington , CEO, Didcot Railway Centre

"We will likely experience a ransomware attack, and how we recover is going to be testament to our character and the controls we now have in place. Druva is a key part of that recovery plan. There are a lot of systems we could do without, but not Microsoft 365. It’s the heart of our business, and Druva ensures that data is secure so our company can continue serving our customers."

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

Vulnerability management FAQs

Why is it so important to have a vulnerability management system in place?

Cyber attacks can affect anyone at any time. With the development of AI and other sophisticated technology, they're set to rise. If an organisation is impacted by a cyber-attack it can have a wide set of consequences, such as identity theft, reputational damage and disruption to services.

While managed detection and response (MDR) can help repair and remediate after an incident has occurred, the purpose of VMDR is to integrate preventative measures through vulnerability management tools.

Sufficient VMDR can also support GDPR compliance by continually ensuring that you are protecting the organisation and any customer data.

What are the advantages of outsourcing vulnerability management services?

By outsourcing threat and vulnerability management, you can alleviate pressure on your in-house teams and allow them to focus on other pressing issues that will serve your organisation. Instead, you'll be delegating this important task to highly experienced specialists.

By filling the gaps that exist in your own resource, you won't need to spend time recruiting a team with the same standard of knowledge or pay for their ongoing training. Instead, you can invest in a comprehensive VMDR package that includes support from experts with extensive knowledge of the vulnerability management life cycle.

What role does a security scanner play in VMDR?

Scanners are used to identify weaknesses in systems and software that could lead to a security breach. Once something has been found, they flag these vulnerabilities and alert those who have issued the checks.

Regular scans mean you can adopt a more proactive approach to cyber threats and work towards remediation of these vulnerabilities through patch management and other methods.

How much do your vulnerability management services cost?

Due to our bespoke approach to matching each organisation's needs, providing an exact figure at this stage is tricky.

We offer a free security assessment that comes with a tailored report and recommendations. From there, you can decide whether you want to use our services and we can give you a better idea of how much this will cost.

To find out more about how we can help, get in touch.

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