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vSphere Health Check


Optimise and secure your VMware cloud

What is VMware vSphere?

VMware is a virtualisation platform which transforms data centres into cloud computing infrastructure; a.k.a. the perfect tool to streamline your digital transformation journey and deliver a better experience to both you and your customers.

Why does it need a health check?

vSphere health management is a slow and manual process.  The trouble is, not maintaining yours can lead to:

  • Hidden problems
  • Deviations from best practices
  • Non-compliance with your security frameworks

Our VMware vSphere Health Check uses the Runecast Analyser to help mitigate configuration issues and security risks, providing actionable insights to keep you on track.

Photo of Robert Blount

"Reducing your carbon footprint should be in your best interests.  Investments in modern hypervisors enable improvements in resource provisioning to reduce workloads by running more resources on fewer machines.

Why is this in your best interests?  Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but primarily for your organisation in terms of cost and energy efficiencies through our VMware vSphere Health Check service."

Robert Blount, Platform Solutions Architect

How does a VMware vSphere Health Check  work, and what are the benefits?

With the Runecast VMware analyser, our platform specialists use 30 different health checks to review your whole VMware infrastructure.  At the end you'll get an easy-to-read report on any issues that affect performance, as well as remedial advice to help you solve them.

Automated VMware hardware compatibility checks

Automated security compliance for VMware

Proactive issue prevention and VMware optimisation

Insights through collected, analysed and navigated VMare logs

Ready to arrange your vSphere health check?

Call us on the number below or fill in the form and one of our Platform Specialists will be in touch.

0330 236 9429


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