Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

We not only manage your procurement, we also deliver the devices you need when you need them - ready to go, and we recycle your old machines sustainably

Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

Our digital IT solutions are powered to transform your organisation and enable your teams to perform efficiently and effectively.  Our tech capabilities are also underpinned by a strategic consultancy process, and by fully understanding your commercial objectives we deliver truly successful digital transformation projects, making your organisation more agile and profitable. 

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Our method

Technology can be confusing, but we've worked hard to make sure our process isn't.  We follow four key steps in every project


We start our process with a free Platform Assessment


Here we get the clarity we need to design your ideal environment


Our assessment and design ensure a seamless implementation


We give you the tools to manage your infrastructure easily

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Hardware services to support your operations

boxxe helps to facilitate business continuity, minimise downtime and reduce costs in all areas of your business. Explore our hardware services below to see how we help with everything from solution design and commercial modelling, to managing the end-to-end lifecycle of your hardware assets

Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

boxxe manages your hardware procurement, delivers ready-to-go devices when you need them and recycles your old machines sustainably

Commercial Modelling & Fulfilment

boxxe supports your business by designing and optimising the very best solution for you. We build and make sure we procure that solution, maxmising cost reduction and reducing lead times

Solution Design

We understand our customers' needs and requirements, ensuring a future-proofed, personal experience.

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Our digital transformation solutions are powered to transform organisations and enable individuals to perform effectively. Find out more by reading our Case Studies.

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Explore our innovative services and solutions

We provide a 360 service across all business needs from solutions, services and products to ensure your business runs effciently, to managing those services meaning you don't have to worry. All this with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Explore our technology capabilities below and get in touch - we would love to be of service.

Hybrid Cloud

Our services and consultancy helps your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions


boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are


Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions

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