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 About us 



boxxe is a leading provider of hardware, accessories, software and managed IT services for business

At the heart of who we are is our conviction that we must make life better with tech

About boxxe

Hardware      Accessories      Software      Managed IT services

We believe that tech can transform businesses and empower individuals. With our deep expertise, collaborative approach, and practical know-how, we're dedicated to implementing flexible tech solutions that accelerate business growth. Our goal is to give people the confidence to leverage tech for their best and better - commercially, socially, and sustainably.

boxxe’s acquisition of Total Computers, in January 2024 created one of the largest software, solutions and services providers to both the public and private sectors in the UK. The combination of these two businesses is unique complimentary and customers can now anticipate a broader portfolio of offerings, ranging from cutting-edge hardware solutions to bespoke software applications and a variety of IT services, all with a commitment to offering an excellent customer experience.

  • Providing tech solutions for over 35 years

  • Presence on 19 Public Sector Frameworks, across 41 Lots

  • 350+ employees

  • Built on excellence in supplying the most secure organisations in the UK

  • Dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Centre

  • Award winning top VAR

  • Strategic relationships with world leading tech vendors 

Our boxxe Shop boasts an extensive range of products, with next day delivery available to multiple shipping addresses. Plus get access to simplified online account management for easy order management, tracking and invoicing - everything your business needs, all in one place.

Our vision

To make tech human.

 Our mission

Our people build meaningful relationships that enable our customers and our partners to accelerate growth commercially and sustainably by implementing flexible business tech solutions.

What does it mean to ‘Make Tech Human’?

For us, tech has never been about just hardware or software  - they are our tools.  It’s about people.  It’s our meaningful relationships, deep expertise and practical know-how in technology that drive what we do.  We put our people, our customers, our partners and the environment at the heart of everything we do and our people are the difference that makes the difference!

Tech is always advancing and together we have the agility to move with it and to deploy the right solutions to drive growth for your business.

Our  values

We Understand

We put customers at the heart of our business

We understand the challenges our customers face.

We immerse ourselves to drive informed solutions.

We Simplify

We make tech easy to understand

We simplify complex processes.

We provide the 'why' before the 'what'.

We Deliver

We are solutions orientated

We connect solutions to business needs.

We are future-thinkers.

We have the agility and insight to uncover proactive solutions.

We Collaborate

We work together with our customers and our people

We're welcoming and inclusive.

We listen, help and support each other.

We collaborate to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table.

We Care

We care for our customers, our people and our planet

We put sustainability at the core of what we do.

We are deeply rooted in our communities.

How we Make Tech Human

Our people build meaningful relationships that enable our customers and our partners to accelerate growth commercially and sustainably by implementing flexible tech solutions.

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Our services

From cloud, cybersecurity and automation, to Microsoft services, software licensing, hardware and a huge range of IT products, we strive to make life better with tech.

For us, tech has never been just hardware and software.  Sure, they’re our tools, but at boxxe, our focus is more about you.  We strive to make life better with tech.  Here’s how we can make it happen for you and your organisation.

  • We understand your world, because we share your passion
  • We collaborate with you every step of the way
  • We simplify every challenge, even when they feel impossible to overcome
  • We have the expertise and experience to create real solutions that will push your organisation forward
  • We care about our people, our partners and our planet.  Choosing to work with boxxe is choosing a sustainable and proactive way to progress

Cybersecurity Assessment

Find security gaps in just 2-3 hours via our detailed security report, and plug them with tools you already own. All for free.


Managed Threat Detection and Response

Managed threat detection responds to and counters cybersecurity risks, ensuring proactive protection and rapid incident resolution.


Managed Endpoint Protection

Protect your endpoints from cyber attacks with endpoint security manager from boxxe, a leader in the cybersecurity industry.


Software Asset Management

Protect your software assets, deliver a better service to your customers, drive competitive advantage, and mitigate risk in your organisation with our SAM services


Secure Content Delivery Service

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files


Security Solution Deployment

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files with our deep understanding of cybersecurity in all aspects of solution deployment and the whole development lifecycle


Desktop On Demand, Virtual Cloud Based Computing Services

Instant streaming access to a managed cloud desktop from any device, anytime and anywhere


Platform Monitoring

Your IT stack on one platform, monitored by MoD-certified security specialists


Hardware Cover

Get replacement parts for your critical infrastructure – anywhere in the UK – in as little as 2 hours


vSphere Health Check

Optimise and secure your VMware Cloud


Secure Veeam Repository

We store your business-critical data backup copies from Veeam's internal environment in our defence-grade facility – with your own unique repository for easy data recovery


Veeam Health Check

Protect your data with an effective backup, recovery, archive and reporting environment


Platform Assessment

Get better value from your cloud strategy with an expert review by boxxe, the UK specialist


boxxe Cloud-Based Backup Services (BaaS)

Better data protection to eliminate any risk to data recovery and compliance by securely backing up your business-critical M365 tenant data


End User Computing Workshop, EUC Managed IT Services

To understand and modernise your end-user computing infrastructure, we identify improvements and modernisation, developing with you a strategy for implementation


Managed Microsoft 365 Services, M365 Support

To evolve your Microsoft operations, we provide a flexible and scalable service, with access to our security-cleared Engineers, to manage, support, and understand Microsoft's constantly changing technology stack


Automation Services

Helping busy teams win back time, save money and get more done with automation services from boxxe.


Microsoft Intune Services

Get the tools to embrace mobility, enhance security, and maintain control over your organisation's whole IT environment.


Email Solutions

Get a multitude of benefits in accessibility, cost reduction, security and compliance by moving from on-premise servers to Exchange Online.


Cloud Workshops

The future of tech lives in the cloud, and we'll help you get there


Cloud Assessments

Ensuring your cloud adoption goes smoothly


SharePoint Solutions

Get a versatile platform for collaboration, document management, and intranet services with SharePoint Online.


Identity Solutions

Get comprehensive identity and access management solutions to help your organisation ensure the right individuals access the right resources.


Migration Solutions

Get tools engineered to ensure transitioning to Microsoft 365 is smooth, secure, and efficient.


Infrastructure Support Services

Get customised solutions for your individual requirements, from service desk coverage to IT strategy, outsourcing and planning support


Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment

Revolutionise your workplace with Microsoft 365 Copilot, the AI-powered productivity tool


Microsoft User Enablement

Empower remote work with Microsoft with seamless collaboration, communication, and project momentum, regardless of location.


Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop

Prepare your organisation for Copilot with our 3-day workshop. Build a plan for how you'll use Copilot in your business and set next steps to put it in place.


Azure Stack Deployment & Management

A private secure cloud, tailored to your needs


Cloud Management

Disrupt your sector, not your organisation with boxxe's cloud management services


Azure Virtual Desktop Assessment

Our AVD Assessment is a 2-day assessment designed to evaluate the current state of your desktop environment and gather information to determine how AVD could be implemented for maximum benefit


Cloud Workload Migration

boxxe migrates on-premise workloads to public and private cloud platforms, enabling seamless data migrations and workload mobility


Fully Managed IT

Keep your business running at optimum performance and maintain security while saving you time and money


Unstructured Data Assessment

Get strategic and critical insights on managing and securing business data with our unstructured data assessment.


Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response

We identify your exposure to security vulnerabilities, safeguard your IT infrastructure and relieve the workload on your IT teams


Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Recover rapidly from cyberattacks with effective incident response and digital forensics from boxxe, a world leader in cybersecurity.


Managed Firewall

We monitor, manage and maintain your firewalls, freeing up your time to concentrate on higher-value priorities to help your business thrive


Microsoft Office 365 Health Check, M365 & O365 Health Status

With our discreet health check, we review your Microsoft 365 cloud environment and tell you precisely how you can get the most out of your Microsoft investment


Secure Managed Email Gateway

Protect your business network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of your organisation


Microsoft Teams Services

Bringing together the value of M365 and providing a true chat-based hub for teamwork to create a more open and fluid digital environment


Unified Communications As A Service, UCAAS System Solutions

Enable your business with on-demand scalability, global reach and easy integrations


Device as a Service Providers

Combine the latest PC hardware and software with PC lifecycle services such as deployment and support, to ensure your people have the right tools for the job


Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop

Reduce operational costs, improve security, increase business flexibility and so much more with our AVD Workshop


Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation Services

To provide full implementation of AVD, we deploy the agreed desktop design into AVD, then work with your IT teams to test and tune the experience before rolling out across your organisation


Microsoft Licensing & Services

Our extensive experience of over 25 years in Microsoft licensing and software means we can reduce complexity and costs, increase efficiency and empower your business to flourish


Hardware Asset Management & Deployment

boxxe manages your hardware procurement, delivers ready-to-go devices when you need them and recycles your old machines sustainably


Our clients love us

See what they have to say...

We received an excellent service from boxxe and greatly appreciated their flexibility in helping us achieve our aims for this project in a very limited time frame before the submarines went back out to sea.  We have an additional four submarines which will require Flagstone installations during the next 12 months and fully intend to return for boxxe to do this for us.”

Mark Anthony , Network and Communications Manager, Tomahawk Strike

"This go-live is a critical step in delivering business technology that is more user-centic and allows the Home Office to continually evolve."

Jill Hatcher , Chief People Officer, The Home Office

Fantastic and flexible technology partner

"boxxe was fantastic at getting this request completed.  They designed and implemented the virtual desktops in good time, meaning we were able to fulfil the sales orders at this critical time.  boxxe has proven themselves to be a knowledgeable and flexible technology partner.”

Joe Browns

“We couldn’t be happier with the professional service boxxe provided.  We wanted to migrate all of our data onto Microsoft’s secure cloud-based environment in the easiest way possible and they delivered.  Even though our timing requirements weren’t the most conventional, boxxe took this in their stride, their communication throughout the project was exceptional and their expertise ensured we got exactly what we required – minimal disruption, competitive pricing and a successful quick and secure migration.  The whole package!”

Suzie Goodburn , Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“The installation of the Verkada camera system was simple and well supported by the team at Verkada and boxxe.  Within days of installation, the cameras have proved their worth by identifying three intruders onto our site and proving the non-arrival of contractors on a day, thereby settling a dispute instantly.”

Clive Hetherington , CEO, Didcot Railway Centre

"We embarked on this partnership with boxxe based on a compelling combination of two crucial factors:  A proven track record of successful project deliveries, and competitive pricing which demonstrates their commitment to delivering value without compromising on quality.  Their meticulously crafted onboarding process and documentation paved the way for a seamless and timely onboarding experience, and our ambitious timescales were achieved.  We eagerly anticipate forging a mutually rewarding partnership."

Matthew Sherwin , Head of IT, DeMontfort Fine Art

"Working with boxxe has been a fantastic experience, they saw my vision and brought it to life, adding their own innovative and forward-thinking ideas.  It’s paved the way to Thirteen Group being Microsoft-first in our future developments."

Jayne Allport , Head of Service, Systems & Application Improvement, Thirteen Group

"We have been a customer of boxxe's for over 4 years.  We initially started our engagement with boxxe when our Microsoft ESA was up for renewal.  After winning a close tender competition, boxxe has been an invaluable partner ever since."  

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

Meet the boxxe Executive Team

Phil Doye
Phil Doye
Chief Executive Officer
Phil Doye
Phil Doye
Chief Executive Officer
Phil Doye is our CEO. He sees his role as helping our teams to be the very best they can be. It's said that he lives in a state of constant dissatisfaction, but it's more that he can constantly see opportunities to do more and to do it better!

Hazel Sagar
Hazel Sagar
Chief Financial Officer
Hazel Sagar
Hazel Sagar
Chief Financial Officer
Hazel is every bit a modern CFO - a financial leader with the vision and creativity to help shape the exciting future of boxxe. As well as heading up the Finance team, Hazel is developing a strategy to fit boxxe’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Tim Hall
Tim Hall
Chief Technology Officer
Tim Hall
Tim Hall
Chief Technology Officer
The nature of work is evolving fast, but Tim makes sure our services evolve faster. With carbon-efficient, sustainable services, Tim helps our customers transform by bringing people, technology and innovation together.

Jorden Jones
Jorden Jones
Chief Revenue Officer
Jorden Jones
Jorden Jones
Chief Revenue Officer
Jorden is an experienced Digital Director in multi-sector retail, financial services and broadcast media. With a deep understanding of digital strategy, he's always at the forefront to lead, motivate and inspire with his creative approach and commercial mind-set. Jorden is passionate about finding new ways for innovation and tech to work hard in support of our customers’ business transformation and growth.

Ruth Gomez Balaguer
Ruth Gomez Balaguer
General Counsel & Company Secretary
Ruth Gomez Balaguer
Ruth Gomez Balaguer
General Counsel & Company Secretary
Ruth brings a wealth of legal sector, financial, tech and media experience, combined with global strategic business acumen. She is passionate about business transformation and considers working at a company who is at the forefront of digital growth a privilege. Ruth is helping shape the future of boxxe and her pragmatic and personable approach enables boxxe to continue to innovate and grow at pace.

Kevin Goodall
Kevin Goodall
Managing Director - Total Computers
Kevin Goodall
Kevin Goodall
Managing Director - Total Computers
Kevin is a forward thinking and customer focused Managing Director. His desire to help customers overcome complex technology issues combined with his strategic approach means he is always at the forefront of innovation. His friendly approach and quest to make technology simple has ensured his team have guided customers in the fast race to digital transformation.

More on our technology capabilities

We provide a 360 service across all business needs, from top-brand tech, services and solutions, to managing those services, meaning you don't have to worry. All this with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Explore our technology capabilities below and get in touch - we would love to be of service.

Hybrid Cloud

Our services and consultancy helps your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions


boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are

Software Licensing & Services

Our extensive knowledge of licensing and software means we can help any business, big or small

Hardware Services

We believe that the management and services for hardware are key to any business. We have the expertise to support and ensure your busin...


Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions

The boxxe Shop

Make your business more efficient and effective.

Get the right hardware and accessories from our wide range of top tech.