Managed Email Gateway

Our Managed Email Gateway service protects your business network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of your organisation

Collaborate Safely:  Managed Email Gateway

Our Managed Email Gateway is for all customers  who need help to prevent attacks that consist of spam, malware and phishing links that originate from email. Our Managed Email Gateway is a managed service, that ensures information being transmitted via email is safe and secure.  Make use of full threat intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of cyber threats - securing your environment before attacks even take place.

The right partner:  Why boxxe?

Unlike managing a tool yourself, utilising our service with boxxe in-house expertise allows your business to operate at a lower TCO, meaning your IT staff can focus on higher-value tasks.  We offer flexibility, scalability and ease of administration without the worry that comes with implementation and management, assuring maximum efficiency with an integrated solution that reduces cost and complexity.

Benefit from an open platform and integrated Mimecast with your existing security systems.  Utilise Mimecast’s global visibility and rapid detection of threats for continuous innovation in your Managed Email Gateway. 

Covering all bases:  What else we can do

Security is the cornerstone of our services as it’s been our pedigree for more than 30 years.  Organisations today embrace security not only to protect their business assets and sensitive data, but also their reputation.  Cybersecurity services from boxxe can fully protect your business, and feed all aspects of your digital landscape.
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Technology can be confusing, but we've worked hard to make sure our process isn't.  We follow four key steps in every project:


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"We have been a customer of boxxe's for over 4 years.  We initially started our engagement with boxxe when our Microsoft ESA was up for renewal.  After winning a close tender competition, boxxe has been an invaluable partner ever since."  

Hassan Bahrani , Head of IT, Thirteen Group

“We’re very pleased with boxxe’s mobile device management service.  To date, the system has fulfilled all of our expectations, and boxxe has proved to be a responsive and supportive service provider.  They are quick to adapt to new requirements and boxxe has delivered all projects on time and within all agreed performance parameters.”

Graham Wells , Cloud Service Manager, Defra

Cybersecurity services so you operate safely

Protecting your business from cyber risks and threats, we facilitate and support your growth with world leading security and data management services. Explore further below.

Secure Content Delivery Service

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files

Threat Detection and Response

Get 24/7 active cybersecurity and fast threat elimination deployed in days through our world-class Security Operations Centre

Penetration Testing

Adopt a programme of testing, remediation and management to combat your ever-changing security risks

Managed Endpoint Protection

Get complete protection for all your endpoints including desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and smartphones

Vulnerability Management, Detection & Response

We identify your exposure to security vulnerabilities, safeguard your IT infrastructure and relieve the workload on your IT teams

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

With a full and detailed picture of security incidents, get your business back up and running while identifying and closing security vulnerabilities

Managed Firewall

We monitor, manage and maintain your firewalls, freeing up your time to concentrate on higher-value priorities to help your business thrive

Managed Email Gateway

Protect your business network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of your organisation

Security Solution Deployment

Protect your organisation from malicious attacks, website spoofing and corrupt files with our deep understanding of cybersecurity in all aspects of solution deployment and the whole development lifecycle

Cyber Insurance Assessment

Ensure you're covered in the event of a cyber incident impacting your business. boxxe is uniquely placed to support your business in this critically important area.

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Our innovative services & solutions

We provide a 360 service across all business needs from solutions, services and products to ensure your business runs efficiently, to managing those services meaning you don't have to worry. All this with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Explore our technology capabilities below and get in touch - we would love to be of service.

Hybrid Cloud

Our services and consultancy helps your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions


boxxe has a proud legacy and proven track record in providing military-level cybersecurity solutions for businesses

Modern Workplace

Our modern workplace services and solutions help you to get the best from your people, no matter where they are


Our services will help your organisation with the implementation of complex hybrid cloud solutions

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