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DeMontfort Fine Art

 Comprehensive 24/7/365 SOC service


DeMontfort Fine Art


Comprehensive 24/7/365 SOC service


DeMontford Fine ArtCustomer success story

Where culture meets Cybersecurity 

DeMontfort Fine Art (DMFA) is a leading art dealership which works with a group of galleries spanning the whole country. As a people-first company, even the smallest of details can make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to a growing digital footprint. 

"We embarked on this partnership with boxxe based on a compelling combination of two crucial factors:  A proven track record of successful project deliveries, and competitive pricing which demonstrates their commitment to delivering value without compromising on quality.  Their meticulously crafted onboarding process and documentation paved the way for a seamless and timely onboarding experience, and our ambitious timescales were achieved.  We eagerly anticipate forging a mutually rewarding partnership."

Matthew Sherwin , Head of IT, DeMontfort Fine Art

Results  Results

Rapid threat detection

   11 minutes   

DMFA benefits from an 11-minute average threat detection time, showcasing a swift security response.

Speedy investigation

   9 minutes   

With an average investigation time of just 9 minutes, DMFA experiences a highly efficient  threat evaluation process.

Quick response turnaround

   21 minutes   

We also fitted adjustable Multisensors for greater coverage and to magnify key details.

DMFA now benefits from an average threat detection time of 11 minutes, an average investigation time of 9 minutes and an overall response time of 21 minutes to start and close an alert. Now that’s an effective SOC solution!
And based on the success of this initial project, we’re now exploring additional security enhancements with them, to build an even more secure and compliant environment for the future.

What did we do?

Challenge Challenge

World class art curation requires world class security. DMFA wanted to make sure their existing security framework was robust enough to manage the increased range of cybersecurity risks faced in the Current World. 
Working within a 2-3 week delivery time frame (from first contact to full implementation) the challenge was set to strengthen their security posture. Never ones to shy away, it was ‘challenge accepted’...

Plan Plan

DMFAs requirements were multifaceted. We needed to:
  • Implement 24/7 threat monitoring
  • Incorporate proactive threat hunting measures to identify and counteract potential cybersecurity threats
  • Generate sufficient visibility into network data traffic to help identify unusual activities that could indicate a security incident.
The solution was clear – deploy a fully functional Security Operations Centre (SOC) with advanced threat detection within a month. 

Approach Approach

We started with a pre-sales call to understand the topology of DMFA’s environment, the tech they use and the results they expected. After our proposal was approved and commercials agreed, we kicked off the project with some workshops, which included taking a deep dive into their requirements, ironing out escalation procedures and ensuring that the bespoke solution would achieve everything asked for. 
With a comprehensive 24/7/365 SOC service plan in hand, we set to work implementing the entire security solution with a tech stack that included integrating:
  • IBM QRadar, a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product into their existing SentinelOne solution
  • IBM’s QRadar Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform 
  • Proactive threat hunting algorithms into the SOC
IBM's QRadar platform underpins the entire service, providing full visibility across their digital environment.

Outcome Outcome

DMFA now has a more secure operational environment with enhanced real-time threat monitoring and immediate response capabilities. As a result, they’re experiencing a significant increase in cybersecurity awareness with access to regular reporting and insights, as well as greater confidence in meeting compliance requirements – due to rigorous logging and reporting facilitated by the centralised SIEM solution.

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