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Delivering a complete 24/7 
Managed Threat Detection and Response service

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Cybersecurity, SOCs and SaaS

Protas is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to design and deliver smart, large scale, high quality clinical trials which seek to develop treatments for common and other life threatening diseases. 

"I am thoroughly pleased with boxxe's security provisions.  They adeptly executed the onboarding, integration, and management of Protas' critical services and security wrap, delivering an ongoing excellent service.  The presence of the 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) vigilantly monitoring both Protas' and trial environments provides me with a reassuring sense of confidence, knowing that a team of specialists is readily available if needed."
Scott Wilson, Head of Information Security, Protas

Results  Results_

Accelerated compliance

   33% faster   

Protas achieved Cyber Essentials Plus compliance 33% faster than the industry standard, completing it in just 4 months

Swift threat detection

   15 mins   

Our response time from our Managed Threat Detection and Response Service was only 15 minutes in a simulated malware threat.

Gold standard certification


UKAS accredited ISO27001 certification in April 2023, showcasing Protas commitment to top tier information security standards.

We helped Protas to become Cyber Essentials Plus compliant in just 4 months – 33% faster than it would usually take an organisation of Protas’ size (less than 100 users). And after rigorous assessment, Protas achieved UKAS accredited ISO27001 certification in April 2023. As the gold standard for information security management systems (ISMS) this certification demonstrates their continual efforts to maintain the highest levels of information security. 

Now that we’ve frontloaded and embedded enterprise-grade security measures into their foundations, Protas have a strong and secure platform to grow from, as trusted partners to pharmaceutical and national healthcare organisations.

What did we do?

Challenge Challenge_

As a growing organisation in the healthcare sector, Protas asked us to help establish and embed strong, recognised, and robust information security practices into their operations and tech infrastructure from the outset. 

Their requirements were driven by:

  1. An acute awareness of the importance of strong data security for any modern business.
  2. Their close working relationships with national healthcare organisations and major pharmaceuticals (all require partners to adhere to large enterprise security regulations). 

Plan Plan_

Our first mission was to help Protas demonstrate that their security defence is managed in line with strict standards, by becoming Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. 

We then implemented Protas’ enterprise-grade security with risk detection and mitigation measures – via our 24/7 Managed Threat Detection and Response Service (MTDR).

Approach Approach_

We helped Protas to get accredited by embedding strict security policies through tech and SaaS, including; our patching service which ensures all software on user devices is patched to the latest available versions, within 14 days of an update release to stay protected against attackers. 

As for enterprise-grade security?

After onboarding Protas into our Security Operations Centre, we used a third-party to run a malware detection audit on our 24/7 MTDR Service. The auditor tested malware detection capabilities by releasing a special ‘dummy’ file at an unspecified time. Our security analysts spotted the file, raised an alert, investigated the cause, and informed Protas of the event within 15 minutes of its release. It’s safe to say we passed that audit with flying colours! 

Alongside this, our Dark Web Monitoring service regularly searches the Dark Web for any sensitive client information. If information is found, we notify Protas and take protective measures for at-risk accounts. It’s an extra layer of security which ensures we’re aware of leaks and can take countermeasures, in the highly-unlikely event of a successful data breach.

Outcome Outcome_

Good security doesn’t lock you down – it frees your people and organisation up to ‘get stuff done’ safely. 
Protas, now fortified by boxxe’s security measures, achieved Cyber Essentials Plus compliance in just 4 months, exceeding industry norms. Earning ISO27001 certification showcased their dedication to top-tier 
security. With rapid threat detection and Dark Web monitoring, Protas is primed for secure growth and trusted healthcare collaborations.
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