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The Modern Workforce in 2022


You already have the tools for modern working if you use Microsoft 365

 The Modern Workforce in 2022

You already have the tools for modern working if you use Microsoft 365.

See how we can help you make the most of your Microsoft investment.

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to see how your colleagues could work if they fully utilised the tools you already have access to.

The Modern Office Worker

They might work remotely, but the modern office worker is never alone. Able to collaborate easily and supported by AI-powered digital assistants, the modern office worker is equipped to work efficiently from anywhere.


Workplace Analytics:
In the modern workplace, every office worker has a personal virtual assistant to help manage their time.  Workplace Analytics provides this support by booking time in the diary to focus on priority tasks, publishing  productivity reports to help workers review their week, and setting automatic reminders for any outstanding tasks.

Microsoft Planner:  Remote workers with supportive workplace software are 2x more productive on collaborative tasks than workers without them.  With Planner, the Modern Office Worker is empowered to collaborate and manage work efficiently, no matter where they are or what their role is.  They use its integrated visual task management system to manage projects and balance tasks with their colleagues.

The Modern IT Specialist

With huge growth in flexible working, the modern IT specialist is equipped to manage and support agile operations remotely.



Microsoft 365 Defender:  Built-in protection for Office 365 simplifies administration, lowers total cost of ownership, and makes the Modern IT Specialist more productive.  With it, they can manage a holistic threat protection system on a single dashboard, and use industry-leading AI to contain and remediate 97% of threats automatically.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint:  Despite the rise in remote working and off-prem devices used for work, the modern IT specialist is equipped to minimise the number of places where your organization is vulnerable to cyberattack with Endpoint protection and built-in attack surface reduction.

The Modern Customer Service Agent


The Modern Customer Service Agent (CSA) is empowered by tools that help them fully understand their customer, their challenges and how to solve them. With these in place, your CSAs can enjoy more autonomy and your customers are delighted every time they engage with your company.




Microsoft Forms:  72% of consumers will share a positive brand experience with six or more people and, with easy-to-use tools and clear design suggestions, Forms equips the modern CSA to delight customers.  With it, they build polls for quick customer feedback and instantly visualise response data to turn insights into action.

Microsoft Teams:  Others might only use Teams for internal calls, but not the modern CSA.  They make full use of its integrated productivity suite to solve customer challenges collaboratively and share access to documents with their team.  Without having to spend time switching between apps, they're more productive and can stay focused on delighting customers.

The Modern Manager

Without seeing their team every day, managing employee wellbeing and productivity could be difficult.  This isn't a concern for the modern manager.  With a connected digital workplace, they can easily monitor their remote teams and make support available at a moments notice.



Microsoft Bookings:  Organisations with employees that feel supported by a manager have 21% more high-performers than ones that don't.  Microsoft Bookings makes finding and scheduling time simple, helping managers monitor team well-being and productivity remotely.

Workplace Analytics:  In one dashboard, managers can see how much or how little time their team has to focus each week, who needs support, and which bloated work processes are affecting their productivity.  With these insights, the modern manager is empowered to improve team productivity with strategic management.

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