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Unlocking productivity with boxxe's workplace solutions


How to empower employees, leverage tech effectively, and pave the way for AI integration.

Unlocking productivity in the modern workplace

How to empower employees, leverage tech effectively, and pave the way for AI integration

The nature of work has changed. And so too has the definition of a modern workplace; it’s constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of both employees and businesses. 

At boxxe, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that come from a ‘work from anywhere, anytime policy’. Our employees have autonomy and greater flexibility, which has in turn increased their engagement and efficiency at work. But providing this kind of diverse and inclusive working experience, whilst protecting vital IT assets isn’t easy to get right.

The key to unlocking productivity in the workplace

Our working environments have changed so quickly over the last few years, that so many of us have hardly had time to step back and reassess what is, or isn’t, driving productivity. To do so, you need to go back to basics – it’s time to refamiliarise yourself with the business, and how it’s operating.

Here's what to ask yourself:

  • What do people do? What types of roles and personas exist within the business?
  • What assets, devices and software do they make use of?
  • Can you find any similarities and overlaps in those tools that drive efficiency, which you could use to standardise the employee ‘set up’? 
  • What data do people use? Where and how is it stored? How is it accessed and protected?
  • What experience do end users have when using systems and data? Are there any frustrations?
  • Can we accurately identify sensitive data types and demonstrate the controls around that data?

  • Are there additional frameworks that need to be complied with?

And don’t forget to ask for user feedback. IT, software, and systems aren’t just for the ‘IT crowd’ anymore – new generations of the workforce are using more and more tech in their everyday lives than ever before.  Use their feedback and ideas to inform your business’ version of the modern workforce.

A modern workplace requires new tech, right?

Your new AI superpower

Not necessarily. Before you buy any new tech, review what you already have in place, and whether you’re utilising it to the max. For instance, SaaS platforms constantly evolve, so make sure you keep abreast of new developments available under current licensing to maximise productivity.

Of course, simplicity is still key when it comes to modernising your workplace. Yet, we all know that making something simple is actually quite hard – but done right will set you up for smooth sailing. It’s the hard work done in the background that allows for a clean and productive working environment, whether you want a seamless meeting room experience, accessible data insights or automating key processes.

We offer flexible solutions and expertise to facilitate growth and success

Fantastic and flexible technology partner

"boxxe was fantastic at getting this request completed.  They designed and implemented the virtual desktops in good time, meaning we were able to fulfil the sales orders at this critical time.  boxxe has proven themselves to be a knowledgeable and flexible technology partner.”

Joe Browns

Paving the way for GenAI

AI is transforming every corner of the modern workplace & revealing new opportunities for individuals and teams to up their game. Getting the right foundations in place can pave the way for AI integration, and a more productive and more purposeful working environment:

Clean data

Well structured, understood and secure data is fundamental.  If AI searches and uses poor data the outcomes will be a detriment to the business.

Clear use cases

An AI journey has to start somewhere and a clear business need and use case is key. Deliver the outcome and learn from the process.

Data governance and security

The sensitive data your AI software accesses must meet data protection and GDPR requirements. Make sure you can trust the data, verify the source and quality, and ensure it’s protected against mis-use.

Supporting productivity with Managed Services

Our managed IT services are designed to increase productivity in the modern workplace, by removing technical barriers and increasing adoption of productivity features, enabling your staff to do more.

An effective Managed Service will make sure your tech and tools are configured for optimal performance and security. This ensures your data remains secure, accessible and usable – and ready for the next big thing!

We take the pain out of supporting your modern workplace tech through our Managed Services – if things go wrong you have access to our broad team of experts, whose experience covers multiple sectors and verticals. 

Benefits of our Managed Services

Breadth of view

Tech is what we do, all day, every day. New technologies, functions and features are constantly released which makes staying abreast of developments a full-time job in itself. 

Rapid solutions to complex problems

With our broad range of knowledge and multi-sector experience (plus exposure to unique challenges that happen ‘once in a career’) we share our expertise so you can benefit from best practice solutions.

Thought leadership

Our mission to Make Tech Human means we’re perfectly placed to offer best practice advice. We work with you to make sure you understand what tech is available right now and how best to adopt it into your organisation. We also look across the horizon to advise on new technologies that are being developed, suggesting the optimal time to upgrade, migrate or transform to achieve the best outcomes and maximise user experience.

Enhance resilience / no single point of failure

When IT delivery isn’t a core capability, it’s difficult to attract and retain top technical talent. You also have the added challenge of having to cover for holidays and sickness. We take on the responsibility for providing resilient IT delivery, committing to Service Level Agreements to ensure you receive excellent service from top tech talent, no matter who's out of office.

Secure by design, secure by default

With a long history of operating in secure environments and providing services to some of the most secure organisations in the UK, we apply industry-leading standards and protocols by default to all customers under our care. This allows us to leverage robust standards and processes to keep your data secure and the integrity of your organisation intact.

User centric

Understanding and measuring user experience is key to benchmarking workplace solutions. We focus on user experience above standard response and resolution service levels, to make sure you’re getting the best out of our solution.

Your workplace priority list

No matter whether you’ve got flexibility, productivity, DE&I or security at the top of your modern workplace priority list, we can adapt our Managed Workplace Solutions to suit you perfectly.  Ensure productivity anytime, anywhere.

Want help to understand your business, or not sure where to start?  Get a free, zero commitment consultation today.  Chat to one of our workplace solutions experts to discuss where you are, and where you want to be.

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