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boxxe launches non-profit division to tackle uk skills shortage  |  News

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boxxe launches non-profit division to tackle UK skills shortage

Posted:  27 July 2020
Category:  News, Blog

York-based tech company boxxe (formerly SBL) is launching boxxe Community, a new non-profit division that will provide business expertise and technology to charities and educational institutions.

The first initiative will help launch a three-year Foundational Degree in Digital Technologies with Cyber Security at the York College University Centre Institute of Technology.  Created in close collaboration with York College, students studying the Foundational Degree will have the use of a new cyber security lab, ​designed and configured by boxxe.  They will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in a rapidly growing and fast-changing industry.

CEO of boxxe, Phil Doye, said:  “The launch of the boxxe Community is a natural outgrowth of our mission to make technology human – that is, to help every individual and organisation to recognise and fulfil their potential through the use of technology.

“The work we have done with York College, and the result of that work – the first Foundational Degree in Digital Technology and Cyber Security in the UK – is a huge stepping stone towards addressing a national skills shortage and nurturing future talent.”

“Going forward, we promise to be as inventive in supporting the local and wider community as we are in servicing our clients.  Whether you are a school, charity or in need of assistance, our community will support yours.”

Every boxxe employee is given three paid days a year to do charity work, where they are tasked with deploying their vast expertise to the ‘fullest extent’.  This year they will also help businesses to rebuild and restructure after the national lockdown that began in March.

The boxxe Community will formally launch in September.

About boxxe

boxxe (pronounced ‘boxxie’) is a UK-based technology consultancy which provides the public and private sectors across the world with solutions for fast, effective digital transformation.  Founded in 1987, and formerly known as SBL, boxxe provides organisations with IT solutions which range from the provision and management of software and hardware from world-leading partners, right through to expert consultation on future-proofing infrastructure for organisations.  boxxe, headquartered in York, has built its reputation on keeping Britain safe – providing the Ministry of Defence with world-leading security solutions for the past 30 years.  Now, military-grade security underpins every strategy or solution boxxe provides its clients.

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Driven by our values of understanding, inclusion, and sustainability, the boxxe Community is committed to innovation, equal opportunity and, above all, the mission to provide sustainable solutions that are good for both the individual, the community and the planet.

About boxxe

We are boxxe - digital transformation solution specialists, supporting organisations to improve their customer experiences, achieve sustainability, make employee's lives easier and grow revenue with effective technology solutions.

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