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Microsoft excellence, with a personal approach

At boxxe, we understand technology, with 20+ years of Microsoft experience, countless digital transformation projects across public sector & private sector customers and a super-certified team with the badges to prove it – we’re the Microsoft experts.

But beyond the logos, we firmly believe in keeping the human element at the forefront of everything we do for our customers. Our deep expertise, practical know-how and collaborative approach come together to implement flexible tech solutions that accelerate growth for organisations of all types and sizes.

 20+  years of Microsoft experience

 50+  Microsoft Certified Professionals

 10+  Dedicated Microsoft Specialists

 4  Microsoft Designations

 Azure Virtual Desktop  Specialisation

 Cloud Security  Specialisation

 Gold  Surface PC & Hub Reseller

 LSP  Licence Solution Provider

 CSP  Cloud Solution Provider

 Partner Pledge  Partner

 Co-Sell & Marketplace  ready

Microsoft Partner Pledge

At the heart of who we are is our conviction that we must make life better with tech.  We put people and the environment at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to giving back to the wider community. That’s why we created our boxxe Community – a force for good that will drive a positive impact for our people, our communities, and our planet. 

When Microsoft released their Partner Pledge we were one of the first partners in the UK to join. A simple promise to work together to make digital innovation a force for good. To grow more tech talent, enhance diversity and inclusion, and help to deliver a sustainable world.

Together these commitments can accelerate a better future

Growing talent in our industryGrowing talent in our industry
Enhancing diversity and inclusionEnhancing diversity and inclusion
Shaping a desirable worldShaping a desirable world

Our Microsoft capabilities and services

Maximising Value:  How boxxe enhances your Microsoft experience

Digital transformation for organisations across all sizes and industries has never been more compelling. Once you reach the promised land, its benefits are what previously seemed unimaginable.

From streamlined operations to enhanced productivity and cost savings to newfound agility, remarkable benefits are within every organisation’s grasp.

Read our ebook:  Maximising Value: How boxxe enhances your Microsoft experience

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Find out how boxxe can help to transform your business:

Hybrid Cloud - Build better ways of working

Cybersecurity - Keep your systems, data and reputation safe

Modern Workplace - Achieve more at work

Software Licensing & Services - Find the best software solutions to empower and future-proof your business

Hardware Services - Maximise cost reduction, with managed procurement to deliver devices when you need them

Consultancy Solutions - Solve challenges with a better perspective and step ahead of the competition