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SharePoint Solutions

Versatile platform for collaboration, document management, and intranet services

Unlocking collaboration and efficiency with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online offers companies a versatile platform for collaboration, document management, and intranet services.

The challenge

You may currently be encountering a range of challenges in collaboration, document management, intranet services, and security.

Without robust collaboration tools, teams may struggle to coordinate efforts effectively, leading to version control issues, document duplication, and inefficient communication channels. Document management complexities may arise, as individuals may find it challenging to organise, categorise, and secure documents without a structured framework. The absence of a centralised storage solution could result in fragmented data storage practices, making it difficult to access information seamlessly from various sources. In terms of intranet services, the lack of a centralised platform for sharing company news, resources, and updates may hinder internal communication and employee engagement.

Additionally, foregoing built-in security features may expose organisations to security risks, compliance breaches, and regulatory penalties, leaving sensitive information vulnerable to unauthorized access and compromise.


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With features such as data loss prevention, encryption, and user permission   controls, SharePoint Online ensures that sensitive data is protected.

Integration with Microsoft 365 Suite

SharePoint Online integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365   applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. This interoperability   enhances productivity as users can access and edit documents directly within   these applications.

Cost efficiency

SharePoint Online eliminates the need for companies to invest in physical   servers and maintenance. The subscription model provides a scalable   solution that can be adjusted accordingly.

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  • Expertise in SharePoint Solutions
  • Partnerships with vendors specialising in SharePoint migration tools
  • Possibilities to improve with the power platform – bespoke apps, etc
boxxe's deep expertise makes a differenceboxxe's deep expertise makes a difference

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